Thursday, October 13, 2016

Why I STILL Support Donald Trump (and No, It's Not Because I'm An Ignorant Asshat)

I am a 33-year-old suburban-living, college-educated, working mom. And I am still voting for Donald Trump. My mom friends are too. We're informed and decisive. And we're coming out to vote on November 8. #sorrynotsorry
So here goes... what millions of other female Trump supporters want to say, but are afraid you will judge them for it!


I am a 33 year old married mother of two. I am well-educated. I am a successful small business owner. And I am SICK AND TIRED of being called ignorant, racist and stupid because I support Donald J. Trump for President. PLEASE stop assuming I’m dumb, blind or a “deplorable”. I have come to my decision on whom to support the same way you have – through careful consideration of the pluses and minuses of each candidate. And I would appreciate if you could consider my opinions and thoughts on certain topics, instead of just assuming I’m “ignorant” because I don’t see things the same way you do. From your Facebook posts, it seems as if you already “know” my views on the hot topics of this election season. But I’ve found your assumptions to be… dare I say it… ignorant in themselves. Here’s a few of my opinions on the issues you assume you already know… I’m not attempting in any way to change your mind. I just want to give you a small glimpse into mine and why I plan to vote the way I do.

The Tape & Feminism & Respect for Women: I am as disgusted by the words Donald Trump has used to describe women as you are. Trust me… when I watched “The Tape” I almost took my Trump bumper sticker off my car. I was appalled. I was embarrassed. I felt betrayed. And to be honest, I still do. I felt the same way when Mr. Trump called Alicia Machado “Miss Piggy”. Hearing any man talk about a woman’s breasts or vagina as objects, or judge a woman by her weight or figure makes me want to vomit. But you know what else makes me want to vomit? When Secretary Clinton made this comment about stay-at-home moms: "I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was fulfill my profession, which I entered before my husband was in public life.” So when I chose to leave my career and become a stay-at-home mom, was I abandoning my profession? You’re damn right I was! I was doing so to fulfill what I felt to be my purpose at the time – being a full-time mom. And that is the beauty of being a modern day feminist – you can be whoever you’d like to be and do whatever you’d like to do. The world is our oyster! Work full-time. Don’t work full-time. Or maybe stay-at-home for a while, get bored as heck, and start building your own business like I did : ) The key in being a feminist is to not judge or put other women down for making different decisions. As for how I can still support and vote for Donald Trump despite his gross words about women? It’s based on his actions. The ways he’s hired and promoted women to the top positions in his company. How his daughter, Ivanka, is one of his closest advisors. His plan for offering affordable child care to working moms. His common-sense conservative view of women’s issues such as abortion (pro-life, but with exemptions). And here’s the bottom line – I do not look to Donald Trump as my moral compass. He’s not my role model. My religious beacon. My mirror. No president is. And I’m not electing him to be any those things for me. I’m electing him to run my country. To be the CEO of the United States of America. We go through ebbs and flows in this country where the President serves different roles. And right now, we need a CEO. A person that doesn’t care about politics or saying the right words all of the time. But gets down to the brass tacks of what needs to be fixed, and does it. A person who has a vision, and gets it done. I’ve worked for a number of people over the years who made me want to vomit at times by their words or their actions (men AND women, FYI). But they weren’t hired to their positions to make ME a better person or make ME feel good about myself. They were hired to get a job done. And I believe 100% that Donald Trump is the person – the president – America needs right now to get the job done. To rebuild America. To rebuild our infrastructure. To rebuild our economy. To #MAGA : )

Immigration: I am NOT against immigration. I feel blessed to live in a country that people WANT to come to, WANT to live in, WANT to build businesses in and raise families in. I still believe in the American Dream. I love being a part of a community filled with diversity of races, backgrounds, religions and points of view. Some of our most innovative leaders are immigrants – just look at the list of this year’s American Nobel laureates… all six that have been announced so far are… wait for it… immigrants to the United States. The issue for me is not immigration… it’s ILLEGAL immigration. People sneaking into the United States. People overstaying their visas. People coming to the United States and not following the laws that every other LEGAL immigrant has taken the time to follow. I wouldn’t dream of entering another country and just assume I can do whatever I’d like to do, stay as long as I’d like, and never make my presence in that country 100% legal. My question to illegal immigrants – why not do it legally? Why not fill out the proper paperwork, wait in line with the other people seeking to study/live/work in the US, and make yourself known? Why not extend your visas or documents if you’d like to stay? I have ZERO problem with it! My problem is with breaking the law. There is no need for the secrecy and deception you are putting yourselves through. The US has a pretty straight forward immigration system – all they need to do is use it. Seems simple to me. As for people who are already living/working/raising families in the US, but came to the US “illegally”, then there should be options. Mass deportation is ridiculous. However…. mass deportation of illegal immigrants who have committed serious crimes is fine with me. You are not contributing to America. You are not living the American Dream. You are not raising a family here. You didn’t do anything to “earn” your stay – and you must go. End of story. Period. Too bad, so sad. Buh-bye. I do believe in a path to citizenship for immigrants who initially came in illegally for whatever reason, but have decided they want to make the US their home. The path doesn’t have to be impossible. File the appropriate documentation, pay back taxes, and take the steps legal immigrants have taken. Of course, there is always a chance you won’t be approved. Which, at that point in time, you would have to be deported. And if you are given the opportunity but choose NOT to follow the proper path, then you’ve got to go. Immigration is not a RIGHT in any country around the world. It’s a privilege – here in the US, in Europe, in Asia. And there are legal ways to do it. That’s all we’re asking for.

Terrorism & Islam & Refugees: I am NOT Islamophobic. I have ZERO issues with Muslims. I do NOT blame all Muslims for the acts of ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other groups that have tried to hijack the Islam religion. But I DO know that the threat of ISIS is real. And the threat is growing. And these terrorists are using Islam as an excuse for their hateful, horrific actions. I don’t know what the answer is to solve it… but I am terrified every day that an ISIS terrorist – whether lone wolf or a full blown cell - will hurt the people I love. And I can’t take that risk. So if the US needs to halt immigration from known ISIS regions throughout the world, I support that. Not forever, but temporarily until our security agencies can get a firm handle on this crisis. Temporary visas can keep being granted for family and travelers – but with the caveat of intense screening. The ban shouldn’t be on Muslims – but on ANYONE from certain regions, mainly the Middle East and North Africa where ISIS is out of control. It is what it is. I will ALWAYS put the safety of my family and friends first. My intention is not to hurt anyone’s feelings or offend – but I can’t sit back and not acknowledge what is happening. The threat of ISIS is real. Terrorism is real. We see it in Syria. What ISIS is doing there is HORRIFIC! I see the same pictures of the children, bloodied and crying, that you do. And I cry too. It’s not fair what is happening to them and their families. And it needs to be stopped NOW! But the solution isn’t opening our doors to hundreds of thousands of unvetted refugees. Let’s work with a multi-national coalition to make it safe for them to live in their own country. If the US was under attack, I wouldn’t want to just be shipped off to another country. I’d want the US to become a safe place to live again! And on top of that, the idea that ISIS terrorists could slip into the US under the guise of “refugee” is scary for me. Scarier than any potential clown lurking in the woods on Halloween. Why? Because I don’t want the next photo circulating around Facebook to be MY CHILD bloodied and crying after he or she was attacked by ISIS. And I wouldn’t want it to be your child either. Let’s handle the humanitarian crisis where it is happening by taking out ISIS and making Syria a safe place for Syrians to live and prosper. We have a humanitarian crisis here in the US – children are going hungry, families are losing their homes, heroin is tearing apart communities. Let’s make the US a safe and prosperous place for all Americans by tackling our own humanitarian crisis here, and aiding in the humanitarian crises in Syria and the Middle East however we can.

So before you post another "anyone who supports Donald Trump is an ignorant, stupid, uneducated racist" just stop and think that your sweeping generalization is, in itself, pretty darn ignorant.


  1. Nah,, just an ignorant enabler is all.

  2. This! I'm a 37 year old, college educated, stay at home mom of three who also runs her own business. I would also add that the next president will pick the next supreme court justices and I want someone in office who will pick conservative judges. Also, I am Christian and also pro life and can't in good conscience pick anyone who is prochoice, especially one who thinks anything late term isn't murder.

  3. I am a 57 year old Christian woman. I have LGBT and Muslims in my family. I have worked, been in management at a large company, also worked for small boutique firms, as well as stayed at home with my kids. I have also been molested, I can tell you I am appalled at the video with Trump degrading woman. And although I am going to say BUT, I am not saying it is right or should be accepted. But I have been around long enough to know and witness the "good old boys" attitudes and actions of men and for the most part they don't mean anything by it. For example, I worked in a small insurance brokerage firm, family run. They were part of the elite in Seattle, and it was not abnormal for the owner to say good morning or congratulate you and in passing pat you on the butt, the same way he would have patted a man on his shoulders. Someone did complain and he was horrified that he had offended someone. He was old enough to be my grandpa and it was more than 30 years ago. He was from a different time, in the same way that the rich are from a different class. They are different and whats acceptable, right or wrong, is different. Should it be, NO! But it is.

    For all the reasons stated above, I agree! I also think it is so much more than that! The Supreme Court justices and the 2nd Amendment being most important. I think we need to crush the political machine status quo and stop paying these idiots to be life long politicians. I might think the President should be paid for life, but certainly not the rest. And they should have to have the same benefits as the rest.

    It makes no sense that they pass laws for us but they are exempt from. I am not in love with the idea of voting for Trump, but I will plug my nose and do it as I think it's the best choice for my kids and grandkids future.

  4. I think the press needs to cover hard facts about criminal activities concerning confidential information the abuse of power that our democratic candidate has perpetrated far more zealously than what the republican candidate did and said in a time when those actions were taken less seriously than they are now. Is he still doing this and if not then judge him by his current actions toward women.

  5. It is laughable that you're offended by HRC's stay at home mom allusion but you excuse Trump's words/actions towards women. You also conveniently gloss over how much she has done over her career actually fighting for women...but I guess a promotion of his daughter is the same thing. Furthermore, your commentary about immigration/Muslims/refugees is EXTREMELY myopic and represents a misunderstanding of the underlying humanitarian issues involved with those things, but I'll leave it there. You're not deplorable or a racist, but many people like me judge people like you because you it's a shame you're "educated" but can't see beyond your obvious cognitive dissonance and privilege. HRC isn't even close to the perfect candidate, but voting for Trump is illogical. #sorrynotsorry.

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