Thursday, July 29, 2010

How Big is Baby? Forget the Stinkin' Fruit... How About Desserts?

While I was prego, I religiously kept track of how big my baby was using The Bump's "How Big Is Baby?" tool, which charted the baby's weekly growth relevant to fruit. I don't know about you, but personally I didn't have a whole lot of fruit around my house (my prego pics are evidence of that!). At week 10, they say the baby is the size of a prune. And at 21 weeks, the baby is the size of a papaya. Sorry - but I just can't relate. So, I've taken matters into my own hands and created a Week-by-Week list based on what pregos really care about - dessert! : ) Enjoy!

(Note: Average sizes are taken from Dessert associations are based on my calculations of weight, not length.)

Weeks 3&4
Pop Rock

Week 5 
Avg. Size: 0.13 inches
Candy Button

Week 6
Avg. Size: 0.25 inches
Red Hot

Week 7
Avg. Size: 0.51 inches
Tic Tac

Week 8
Avg. Size: 0.63 inches / 0.04 oz
Good & Plenty

Week 9
Avg. Size: 0.9 inches/ 0.07 oz

Week 10
Avg. Size: 1.2 inches / 0.14 oz
Hershey Kiss

Week 11
Avg. Size: 1.6 inches / 0.25 oz
Roll of Smarties

Week 12
Avg. Size: 2.1 inches / 0.49 oz
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

Week 13
Avg. Size: 2.9 inches / 0.81 oz
Cadbury Creme Egg

Week 14
Avg. Size: 3.4 inches/ 1.5 oz

Week 15 
Avg. Size: 4.0 inches / 2.5 oz
Pack of Skittles

 Week 16
Avg. Size: 4.6 inches / 3.5 oz
Hostess Sno Balls

Week 17
Avg. Size: 5.1 inches / 5.9 oz
Two Red Velvet Cupcakes

Week 18
Avg. Size: 5.6 inches / 6.7 oz
30 Jolly Ranchers

Week 19
Avg. Size: 6.0 inches / 8.5 oz
Box of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies

Week 20
Avg. Size: 6.5 inches/ 10.6 oz
One container of Betty Crocker Whipped Cream Cheese Frosting

Week 21
Avg. Size: 10.5 inches / 12.7 oz
Pint of Ben and Jerry's Chubby Hubby Ice Cream

Weeks 21 - 24 (Month 5)
Avg. Size: 10.5 - 11.8 inches / 12.7 - 20.8 oz
Package of Oreos

Weeks 25 - 28 (Month 6)
Avg. Size: 13.6 - 14.8 inches / 1.5 - 2.2 lbs
Two Rolls of Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough

Weeks 29 - 32 (Month 7)
Avg. Size: 15.2 - 16.7 inches / 2.5 - 3.8 lbs
Sara Lee Cheesecake

Weeks 33 - 36 (Month 8)
Avg. Size: 17.2 - 18.7 inches / 4.2 - 5.8 lbs
Three Dozen Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Weeks 37 - Delivery (Month 9)
Avg. Size: 18.9 - 20.9 inches / 6.2 - 9.2 lbs
One Gallon of Ice Cream



  1. Thanks for the post! Though you wouldn't think that a box of thin mints is smaller than the icing?

  2. I wanted to make this when I was preggers with my first! This is HILARIOUS!

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