Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What Does 10 cm of Dilation Really Look Like? A Visual Guide (YIKES!)

Maybe it's just me, but it's super hard for me to visualize anything using the metric system of measurement. I know, I know - but that's what years and years of Honors Math will do for you (I can also not add or multiply simple numbers without my handy dandy scientific calculator... but I can solve X equations in my head in a matter of seconds - go figure). There is just something about the words "centimeter" or "gram" or even "litre" for that matter that sends my brain into a complete tailspin of confusion. Inches, pounds, miles, feet - I'm all over that. But tell me something is 10 cm or 5 grams and I couldn't even begin to tell you how big that is. Which is why this chart I created is absolutely PRICELESS for all the pregos out there (or mamas who were prego and could not visualize what their bodies were doing while in labor). And here you have it - a visual guide to Cervical Dilation.

But now that we know our cervix is supposed to open up to the size of a bagel - is anyone else a little freaked out? Maybe ignorance was bliss : )


  1. wow, the size of a bagel??? who knew?

  2. scary stuff.. so glad I didn't have to watch! haha

  3. Wow, I eat bagels for breakfast before Oh, I had a c-section YEAH!

  4. I held up 10cm of my measuring tape to the picture (or how it appears on my screen) and to my horror it was even bigger.

    Also, I think a 10cm bagel would be quite small to find out in the real world.

    10 cm is bigger than my fist. MY FIST. I could fist my cervix!!!

  5. horrified, and yet kinda comforted that the baby's head isn't trying to fit through that cheerio!!

  6. 1st son came to us via adoption (from Korea), wife and I walked up to an airplane,...."here you go".
    2nd son came to us via the biological method, wife was in labor for 48 hours,....
    Anymore, my wife says we are going the 'mail order' route.

  7. tiffanie April 9, 2014 at 10:58 PM
    horrified, and yet kinda comforted that the baby's head isn't trying to fit through that cheerio!! that is funny...

  8. good thing men don't have babies. Civilization would have ended at the beginning of human kind being on earth.

    1. And good thing you found the nearest School For The Blind!! You can now spew out that vermin you'll be calling your own!