Monday, July 27, 2009

The Maternity Fashion Gods are Smiling! UPDATE

So, my prego skinny jeans arrived last week. And I must say -- they are FABULOUS! It was the first time in months that I felt like myself, instead of some elastic-waisted "fashion don't", constantly waiting for the Fashion Police to jump out and take me into custody at any moment. I also like that the jeans have the full-coverage maternity band. They definitely feel more secure, and slide around less. I recommend these jeans 110%! Here is the link again:

They are only $32.99 on the Target website. Can't beat it!


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  2. Aw, the link leads to a 404. =(

    I hope you can share a new link, because I'm really looking for something that can spice up my fashion even if I'm still in the early stages of pregnancy. I love wearing jeans, and this growing belly won't stop me from wearing one! Haha! Oh, I've read from one blog that you can add a good belt set to your maternity wardrobe. I've seen Alicia Keys perform pregnant, and she looked good with that belt.