Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Little Heart Beating UPDATE

So I have some bad news for the mamas-to-be out there... direct from my OB. I told her how I was so happy about my new Fetal Heartbeat Monitor, and that I could hear the baby's heart beat all the time. In the frank way only doctor's can get away with, she completely burst my bubble with a few simple words: "You are hearing your own heartbeat. Those don't work until the third trimester"! WHAT?! I bamboozled myself into thinking I was listening to my baby, when really it was just my own heart thumping away. BOO!!

My next big idea? Reading to my baby every night. I read in a magazine that the baby can hear its mama's voice (even in the 2nd trimester), and if you read the same book every night, the book will one day soothe the baby with memories of the womb. I know its a little far-fetched, but I think its a cute idea. I think I'm going to read "If You Give A Pig A Pancake" just because its so cute, and the illustrations are adorable.

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  1. I am very late in responding to this but I completely disagree with your doctor. I work in an ER and my husband is a nurse practitioner and we have a fetal heart monitor at home (plus i use the one at the ER where we work) and its the same BPM as when the doctor does it. I say if the at home fetal heart monitor offers some peace GO FOR IT mommys to be. Yes you can hear your own heart beat (Its stronger and slower than your baby's) but keep searching and you will hear your little ones