Sunday, July 4, 2010

It's not me, it's you...

A strange thing happens when you have a baby. Actually, it begins when you announce to the world that you are pregnant. Friends - especially "couple" friends without children - seem to fall off the face of the earth. It's like if they get too close to you, they might catch it... You know... The pregnancy bug! Maybe they just feel uncomfortable. Or maybe they are afraid things won't be the same. Well, I have news to share. Things aren't the same!
Parenthood changes your life completely. Priorities change. Schedules change. And most of all, a piece of our hearts now beats on the outside of our bodies. But that doesn't mean new parents are aliens. Or don't want to socialize. Relationships should grow as the people grow and change. If it can't, then so be it. I wouldn't change a thing. Because a funny thing happens when a old friends disappear... New ones come in to fill the void! Friends with babies, or babies on the way. Friends you can swap poop stories with, compare stretch marks, and celebrate when your baby shakes a rattle for the first time. New parents are like a band if brothers... We get each other and can support each other.

So here's the net net: we get it. We know that now that we have kids, we cramp your style. But one day, when you have kids or become more comfortable around kids, you're more than welcome to rejoin our club! We'll be waiting for you with open arms : )

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  1. Girl I LOVE it! I feel the same way.....the old friends we have lost, don't really care too much. BUT the new friends we have gained ( U & D again) I love:) The old friends are the ones who are missing out bc they have NO idea what they are missing.