Sunday, July 11, 2010

Welcome to our pOOL: Yes, there's a little pee

Two words you never want to hear in regard to your neighborhood pool? FECAL CONTAMINATION. Ew. Yes - I'll give you a moment to stop gagging. That was the headline of the community e-bulletin I received Friday night. Our neighborhood pool was closed for 24 hours due to "fecal contamination." After that, they reminded parents - in large, bold all-caps lettering might I add - that "children who are not potty-trained must wear swim diapers in the pool." Thanks for the reminder ; )

So this may be kinda gross, but every time I enter a pool with children in it - especially babies - I pretty much resign myself to the fact I'm swimming in at least 5% urine. I mean, how can I not be? Think about it - the "swim diapers" are pretty weak excuses for urine containment. In fact, I sometimes wonder if they contain ANYTHING! And I'm pretty sure other mamas realize this too, but that it's one of those things we all know but never discuss publicly.

When I was in Nashville and brought Paige to the pool for the first time, I ripped open the package of Dora the Explorer swim diapers and immediately thought, "Hmmm... these are pretty skimpy." But on they went anyway.. maybe the absorption is hidden somewhere? We weren't even swimming for 5 minutes when I felt it... a warm stream of liquid against my leg, coming straight from the swim diaper. It was like she wasn't wearing anything at all! And that's when I realized that unless Paige has an unusually powerful urine stream, this happens to all moms everyday at pools around the world. Ew!

I know. Now you're asking: "So what do you do when you go to the pool?"  Well - the answer is simple. I put the Dora swim diapers on her : ) BUT... I also put her regular diaper underneath. I would just use her regular diaper and call it a day, but I fear the wrath of the Pool Police if they don't see the pink edges of the Dora swim diaper sticking out from her bathing suit. So I do both. Do I honestly think it's containing anything? A little. At least a little more than the might-as-well-be-naked swim diapers.

So next time you see a child in the pool with just a swim diaper... remember to take a shower afterward! Quickly!


  1. Swim diapers were never meant to hold in the pee, just poop. The truth is, baby pee isn't that barely even has a scent (other than the smell diaper chemicals give off). When I take my little guy swimming, I use the outer shell of one of his cloth diapers (Bum Genius 3.0), which does the exact same thing as a swim diaper - contain #2. In addition, it can be reused hundreds of times, saving a TON of money.

  2. I test pool water for my summer's the secret to community pools, if you can smell the chlorine the water is contaminated. The only time it smells is when the chlorine is burning off bacteria!

  3. I smell chlorine whenever I'm around any pool, even those without little ones... What does that tell you?

    Gross- but it doesn't stop us does it-LOL

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