Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Help with Biracial Baby Hair!

How Miss Paige really feels about her hair this morning
You know you've seen it. A mama and her biracial baby out in the supermarket, at the park, at the mall - baby's hair slicked back to the extreme, tied with a rubberband, and a big poof of unruly hair  at the end as a sorry exuse for a "ponytail" or sometimes even two poofs - "pigtails". Those poofs are the universal symbol of defeat. Hair -1, Mama - 0. After trying to figure out their biracial baby's curly hair, these mamas threw in the towel and did all they knew how to do - slick that sucker back into a poof. And I really can't blame them! I'm in the throes of it right now. But I'm not raising the white flag in defeat yet. I'm determined to figure this out! I can't let Miss Paige rock the poof ponytail!!

So I'm sending out an official S.O.S to mamas of biracial babies. HELP! Miss Paige's curly hair is getting more unruly by the day. What used to be a head full of soft, flowing curls is turning into a true hot mess of hair - crazier, frizzier and knottie than ever beforer. I've tried using my own products for curly/wavy hair on her but the result is disastrous - a total grease fest. Greasy dreadlocks, basically. Nice, huh? I can comb it out after her baths at night and usually apply a detangler on it. But when she wakes up in the morning after a night of rolling around, it looks like a bird's nest. Literally. It's so bad that she actually hides things in her hair - crayons, her breakfast... anything she wants to hold on to for later, she puts inside her hair. Hilarious, but definitely problematic : )

So, I've done a bit of research and I'm thinking of trying the "Mixed Chicks" products on her. They are a line of hair products made specifically for mixed race hair. GENIUS! But has anyone tried them? Do they really work? Or is it just a gimmick to get desperate mamas like me to spend $13.00 for a bottle of kid's shampoo?The products that work on my hair just aren't cutting it for Miss Paige - so I'm thinking something made specifically for her hair type might do the trick.
Any suggestions from mamas who have figured out the biracial hair conundrum? Products? Methods for styling? HELP!!


  1. A friend of mine uses this for her daughter- I believe the leave in conditioner is what she uses more than anything, and it works great! I have several nieces and nephews, as well as friend's children and children I've cared for in my daycare who are biracial, and I've used those olive oil products, and they work pretty good too. My daughter is biracial- but she's half Mexican half white, and I have the opposite problem, just a few hours after washing her hair and it looks oily and greasy again!!

  2. I should have read this post before I replied on facebook! Sorry!!

  3. I speak from years of experience trying to tame the curly beast! Mixed Chicks is ok, also consider Miss Jessie's baby buttercream. You can really use any shampoo and conditioner. The key is a good curling cream...a dab will do. There is also Ouidad but not sure if they make a baby product. Once you wash and condition Paige's hair, while wet dab in some type of curling cream or mousse. Make sure you work with her curl pattern, then let air dry. She should have perfect ringlets. The curling product you choose really will depend on if she is kinky curly or smooth curly, so to speak. There is also Tigi Curls Rock which is awesome. Not a baby product but such a small amount should be ok.

  4. I'm expecting my own little biracial girl next month.. so I've done a little "market research".. What I've heard from other mamas is lots of leave-in-conditioner, and a wide-tooth comb. Brushing creates more "poof" and the hair will knot back up. Also, I've heard to avoid chemically processing (such as perming/ relaxing) because it will cause their hair to break and split!

  5. Forgot to mention. It will always be jacked in the morning. Just wet again to rinse out shampoo, comb the curling cream through agaIn and style. Sleeping in a high pony or bun helps.

  6. My daughter is not biracial but her hair is very similar to that of a lot of biracial babies that I know. So what works for us is Baby lotion and water, it works wonders. Wash condition, baby lotion and water, part and style. Another conditioning lotion that worked for us was also called Liv, its about $5.00 a container.. Hope this helps.

  7. I have two biracial sons, and have found this blog to be extremely helpful!

    She does a lot of product reviews, and the styles she does are amazing! Makes me wish I had a girl to try them on.

  8. best advice I received and I can give is try different combos until you find what works. Also, what works now, may not work next year as her hair will get longer and change.

    1.Mixed chicks, Ms. Jessie, Garnier Fructis, Herbal essence hello hydration conditioner and Kinky curly are all good products. again you may need to mix and match to find what works for you

    2. Just like someone else said, wide tooth comb, the Denman brush and leave in conditioner will be your best friend! I love kinky curly's leave-in. and Garnier Fructis leave in for wash and go look.

    3. if you wash her hair at night, put in a leave in conditioner, part her hair down the middle and put in two french braids. or a high ponytail, two pig tails and braid it. This will keep from it getting to frizzy and wild. then in the morning, pull the braids out. this will keep it together and keep the curls cute and will look like ringlets.

    I would love to hear your update on what works for little miss Paige.

  9. Visit
    You don't need expensive products for your child's hair. I am a biracial adult of an African American son. I use Miss Jessie's products also. The techniques on the naturally curly website helped out a lot. My son's hair is thicker at the root and spiral curled at the ends. The curly techniques worked when nothing else would. Don't give up, there are plenty of good products for curly hair. If you can't find anything that works, go to youtube or for childrens' hair styles.

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