Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cranio Schmanio: D's Sagittal Synostosis Repair

The big guy 4 months after his surgery!
Quick update: I've created a page on Sweet Leigh Mama dedicated to D's craniosynostosis journey. I've talked (aka emailed) with a lot of families going through a similar circumstance, and I wanted to make sure it was easy for you all to find my posts on the topic. I made sure to include links to all my craniosynostosis posts (in chronological order), as well as before and after the sagittal synostosis repair surgery pictures and info on Deacon's fabulous doctors - Dr. Barun Brahma and Dr. Fernando Burstein.


If you'd like more details on the experience, feel free to email me at sweetleighmama@gmail.com

Erica (Deacon's proud mama and biggest fan)

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