Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A FREE Guide to Creating Your Own Subway Word Art - Just Like on Pinterest!!

You’ve seen it everywhere – from Pinterest to Facebook, from Crate and Barrel to the walls of your Best Friend’s house. SUBWAY WORD ART. It’s awesome, right? Creative. Fun. Chic. And I have a secret for you… it’s also super easy to create!

An Easy-Peezy Guide to Creating Your Own Subway Word Art - A Detailed Step-by-Step Guide for Creating Word Art Using Microsoft Publisher (**Includes instructions for downloading and installing special fonts!**)

I created this guide to help everyone out there whose creative juices won’t let them sit still – or pay money for something you KNOW you can create… you just need a quick tutorial. You know that you can create beautiful, chic wall art just like you see on Pinterest or in their favorite home d├ęcor stores. So here’s the detailed – yet simple – guide you’ve been looking for!

The guide usually costs $1.99 on my Etsy site - but use the link below to download for FREE! Sweet, right? Now go get creating!!     


You're welcome! : ) xoxo                   



  1. Soooo good and thanks! I made it with your instructions<3
    You help me a lot ^o^ It's real and not a lie ya >///<
    I'm sooo HAPPY and THANKS ^^

  2. I was so looking forward to reading this and creating my own works but I'm tod the file does not live here anymore. Is it still possible to get it-for free?

  3. Thanks for the free fonts. I finally figured out how to make it work, then it was great. I'm just getting back into the computer world after being out for a while. I'm a bit rusty, but this has helped me move forward.