Thursday, June 24, 2010

Stroller-Friendly Shopping

Maybe I'm crazy, but wouldn't you think that stores that sell children's clothes or products should make a point to be accessible to people with children? I am 100% fed up with stores that pack the children's clothes in so tight that they make it impossible for me to shop with a stroller. I appreciate the great deals and large selection - but I would appreciate it even more if I could actually GET TO THE CLOTHES!

As you can tell, this really frosts my cookies. In college I worked at a Pier 1, and we were required to make all aisles wide enough for a wheelchair to fit through (I think it was about a 3 foot space). At what point was this law thrown by the wayside? If my 2 foot wide stroller can't fit through an aisle, then certainly a wheelchair can't! As a mama who truly enjoys the art of shopping and finding a great deal, I've decided to start a one mama crusade against Size Zero aisles. (Yes, by Size Zero I am referring to the ridiculously skinny pant size that this mama's booty will never fit into : ) ) So what classifies as a Size Zero aisle?
  • If I can't fit my stroller down the aisle without risking suffocation for my child due to clothes sweeping over her face, it's a Size Zero aisle
  • If I have to turn my stroller on it's two side wheels to turn around, it's a Size Zero aisle
  • If I have to back out of an aisle like a parking spot or perform a three-point turn, it's a Size Zero aisle
The bottom line: We have about 20 minutes of peace and quiet to shop while our child takes a quick nap. If half that time is spent trying to navigate through the racks of clothing, it's just not worth the hassle. I'd rather go to a different store.

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