Monday, September 28, 2009

I Can Actually Do This!

I had an epiphany (not episiotomy) this weekend during my tour of the labor and delivery unit at my local hospital - I can actually do this! I CAN give birth to this baby living inside of me!

Up until Saturday at 6:15 p.m., I wasn't able to quite wrap my mind around the idea of giving birth. I knew that it had to happen one way or another, but it was hard to picture myself in the moment. I'm a very visual person - I need to see things for them to become real. I didn't realize childbirth was one of those things.

My only "experience" with birth was watching "A Baby Story" on TLC and those scary "real life drama" births on Discovery Health. Sweating, screaming, panting, agony, getting wheeled into an ER and then being left in a hallway, a cramped hospital room that reeks of that terrible hospital smell, SHARING A HOSPITAL ROOM!! The horrors! For the many reasons listed above, it wasn't something I was ready to picture myself doing. Sweat + pain+ gross smells + unknown territory = a very freaked out soon-to-be-mama!

So my husband and I drove to the hospital on Saturday evening and it was NOTHING like I expected. First of all, this hospital has a separate "Women's Center" that is apart from the rest of the hospital. Its a beautiful building with soft lighting, non-threatening odors, and smiling faces. The Admissions Desk it quaint - no weird cubicles or mean receptionists. Everyone coming to the Women's Center is there for a reason - either giving birth, visiting someone who just gave birth, or taking a tour/classes (like me). We were able to tour the Labor and Delivery room, and then the "Family Centered Care" room. The Labor and Delivery room is straight out of a hotel - spacious, comfortable and PRIVATE! All the lights are adjustable so you can "set the mood you would like" before, during and after labor. The thermostat is also adjustable per room - no sweating for this mama! There is even a big-screen TV, DVD player and CD player.They demonstrated different birthing positions, and how the bed would come apart during the actual delivery. Daniel said I had the biggest smile on my face during the whole demo - I'm sure it was because this place wasn't scary at all, but instead pretty peaceful : )

Two hours after the delivery, we'll be moved to a different floor (still in the Women's center) and be given another PRIVATE room (I can't tell you how thrilled I am by the "private aspect"). This room is also spacious and comfortable with a private bathroom/shower and space for the family to spread out. Everything is clean, inviting and again, peaceful.

So now, with approximately 80-something days to go until my baby girl arrives, I am ready. Mentally ready, that is. The nursery? Don't ask... that is still a work in progress. Luckily Nana and Papa are coming down in November to whip that into shape : )

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Metallic with a Tinge of OJ After Toothpaste

For the last week, my mouth has been a hot mess. No gum, mouthwash or toothpaste on earth can rid this TERRIBLE taste from my mouth!  It's the same taste that you get after brushing your teeth, and then drinking orange juice. PLUS - a little bit of aluminum foil mixed in. So bizarre! According to my husband, my breath does not stink - hallelujah! But I feel like it does. I've gone through three packs of gum this week alone. Is it just me, or does being prego seem to bring about the strangest symptoms? I'm sure doctors would blame it on the hormones - they always do. But for goodness ssake, can a soon-to-be-mama get a break?! Ay yi yi!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Just Call Me Dr. Sweet Leigh

I have decided that my due date is off by approximately 14 days. My "official" due date is December 30. But, due to my obvious medical skills as a soon-to-be-mama, I think it is actually closer to December 16. Here is my non-scientific rationale:

1. I completely guessed when asked the day of my last menstral cyle. I honestly had no clue. I knew I had gotten it, but I never kept track. It always came like clockwork - a perfect 28 days. By method of deduction, I guessed March 25. My shower and bachelorette party was March 20/21. I got terrible food poisioning that weekend and am positive I didn't have my period during that episode. So here is the question - did I have my period the week before? or the week after? I did some backwards math today from the last time I KNEW for certain I had my period, and I ended up on the week BEFORE my shower/backelorette weekend.

2.  My HCG levels were high. When I first realized I was pregnant and went in for the blood test, they said my HCG levels were somewhat high. So high that they thought I may be having twins. Thinking back, I wonder if they were high because I was further along than originally thought? Things that make you say "Hmmmm..."

3. The baby's weight and length is closer to a 28/29 week old, than a 26 week old. From the beginning, ultrasounds revealed my baby was ranging very high for weight and lenghth. She is consistently about 2-4 weeks ahead of the curve based on my scientific (aka Google) research. At 21 weeks, she weighed 1.5 lbs (24 oz), while the average at that time is 13 oz. At 26 weeks, she weighed nearly 3 lbs, while the average that that time is 1.5 lbs. Coincidence? I think not!

So there you have it... I know what you're thinking - I should be a doctor! LOL. Just kidding : ) But all throughout the pregnancy I have felt that I'm a little further along. Call it mother's intuition, or maybe it's just the hormones making me crazy, but I think this little one is going to come around mid-December, rather than late-December.

Oh - and I've expressed my thoughts to the doctors and they all say, "Well, a due date can be plus or minus 14 days.. so no need to change it!". It will be interesting to see when she arrives!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

That chin!

During yesterday's ultrasound, I could see that my baby's chin was really prominent and she had a huge smile. It sure didn't look like Daniel's chin and grin. So I wondered where it came from. Daniel kindly reminded me via a photo montage...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

26 Week Ultrasound and Update!

Good news to share! Went to the perinatologist (aka "specialist") today for a follow-up appointment, and he said that everything is "perfect"! Spine, heart, brain -- all of it! Woo hoo! They were able to get a complete view of all her vital parts, and confirmed that she is A-OK. I wanted to cry, I was so happy and relieved!

So here are her stats:
Current weight - almost 3 pounds! Dr. said the average at 26 weeks is 1.5 lbs. She's already a chub : )

She is also VERY long - he said she is in the 90th percentile (average is 50th percentile) for the length of her bones. No wonder I can feel her kicking and punching so much!

She has a HUGE smile (see attached pic)! Happy Baby, Happy Mama, Happy Family : ) She was also sticking her tongue out at us today. Nice.

I love my baby girl so much -- I can't wait to see her!!

What I'm Loving: Mural Mural On a Wall by Amy Lee

One of my friends is an amazing artist who paints beautiful nursery murals. Check out her site here:  and if you're in the Atlanta-metro area, contact her:

I'm going to see what she thinks about bringing my "Sweet Tweets" theme to life (fabric swatch below) for my baby girl's room.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

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Thanks for all the love! : )

Monday, September 21, 2009

We Aren't That Bad... Are We? Ok, Maybe...

Check out this hilarious video of women drivers... It's sad to how many of these I can relate to!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Ice Cream, Curly Mullets and Oil Changes

I don't know about all the other pregos, but I have been having the CRAZIEST dreams over the last few weeks. Last night's was the ultimate combination of random scenarios. First, I dreamed of ice cream. Lots of it. I dreamed that I was eating a huge bowl of banana chocolate chip (does that flavor even exist?). Then butter pecan. Then mint chip. YUM! Then from there, I jumped to a dream about my husband, who magically grew a long curly mohawk mullet overnight. Keep in mind - my husband is as bald as Mr. Clean in real life! In the dream, he loved it. He kept twisting it through his fingers. I remember gagging in the dream, just as I am now : ) The last part of the dream involved me and my husband, along with my mother-in-law and her dog Jack, my brother-in-law and his dog Hogan, and about 10 of our friends, all at a Jiffy Lube. We were crammed into the oil change bay, watching our dogs take rides on the car lift. In the dream, I was the only one who thought this was bizarre.

Anyone care to take a stab at analyzing this? Should be interesting!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Squiggly Red Line

Last night my husband and I were sitting on the couch watching TV. I was in my usual at-home get up: sweat pants and a tank top. The same thing I've always worn. The only difference is that the sweat pants are folded down under my belly, and the tank top covers about half of it. Nice visual, I know : ) So as we sat there, my husband points to my belly and says, "What's that?". I responded, "It's your baby, you fool!" But then he comes in closer to investigate and points to a specific spot on my belly. He says, "It's like a pinkish-red squiggle line." Because of the sheer size of my belly, I can't readily see all angles, so I waddle in front of the mirror to take a look. Lo and behold, I see it before my very own eyes -- a STRETCH MARK!! Bright pink, about an inch long and indented. So much for my daily lotion slather-fest... eek! I told my loving, supportive, honest husband that ignorance is bliss. Unless I point it out to him first, consider any random marks, hairs or other new developments on my body off limits for commentary. Sorry hun - only three months left! : )

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What do you think of Sweet Leigh Mama? Post and win!

Sweet Leigh Mama is celebrating its 8 week anniversary (that's two months for the non-prego readers who don't measure everything in weeks). Woo hoo! I gave the site a face lift to celebrate. I'd love to know your thoughts about SLM - what do you like? what is your favorite post? can you relate? what would you like to see more of? Post comments below for a chance to win an Insignia Digital Photo Key Chain from Best Buy (like a tiny brag book for our bambinos). One poster will be chosen at random Friday at 9 p.m. to win.

Much love and belly rubs,

Weight Watchers "Lose-a-Palooza": Lose for Good

While I will not be able to participate this year due to my prego status, it's still a great cause. Can't wait for next year!

Lose-A-Palooza is a one-day online social networking event taking place on September 15, 2009 to help raise awareness for the Lose For Good™ campaign!

For every accepted mention or acknowledgment of “Lose For Good” made on September 15 via blogs, Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, Weight Watchers will make an additional donation - up to $25,000* - for just one day of social media activity. This donation is on top of the $1 million** Weight Watchers is hoping to donate to Share Our Strength and Action Against Hunger as part of the 2009 Lose For Good campaign!

The ABC's of Life

I saw this hanging on the wall of someone's bathroom recently. I googled it and thought I would share:

The ABC’s of Life • Accept differences • Be kind • Count your blessings • Dream • Express thanks • Forgive • Give freely • Harm no one • Imagine more • Jettison anger • Keep confidences • Love truly • Master something • Nurture hope • Open your mind • Pack lightly • Quell rumors • Reciprocate • Seek wisdom • Touch hearts • Understand • Value truth • Win graciously • Xeriscape • Yearn for peace • Zealously support a worthy cause

Monday, September 14, 2009

CZ Bling

It has finally happened. I've been warned many times, but I continued to deny that this could happen to me. I was going to defy the odds! Yesterday, I officially out-grew my wedding rings. AHHHHHHHH! It was a battle of wills - between my beautiful rings and my sausage-like finger. The sausage won. This happened at 9 pm yesterday night. So what does any hjavascript:void(0)ormonal prego do at this point? Run to the computer of course, to see what discount store is open this late on a Sunday so I could find a replacement ring ASAP. I tried Target and Kohls, but only Wal-Mart was open "late night". So off I went, determined to find something to temporarily take the place of my bling. Well -- let me say this: Wal-Mart + Cubic Zirconia selection = horrific. I know, I know. What did I expect? But if I was going to wear a CZ, I wasn't going to settle for diamond dust. Who DOWNGRADES with a CZ? The thought was ridiculous. So I had to go in a completely opposite direction - forget fake diamonds. I found a cute faux-amethyst ring for $8.99 : ) It works for now.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Another Day, Another Scare

Pregnancy makes me jumpy. But I think my fears and apprehension are for good cause - I do have a baby growing inside me after all! Yesterday I went to the restroom and had the dreaded "spotting". I've never had spotting before in my life, so I immediately thought the worse. When I called my doctor to ask what I should do, she said I needed to come in immediately. That scared me even more! Like a bat out of hell, I barreled up to the doctor's office. They took swabs, shined lights and felt around. Luckily, everything was intact - right where it should be. Then they did an ultrasound and the baby was waving at us : ) She was saying "You fool! I'm fine! Just chillin'." Ends up I have a vaginal infection of some sort which caused the spotting. Reason number 6 why traveling isn't a good idea for pregos: Travel + lack of sleep + stress + lots of people with their germs = weakened immune system. She gave me an anti-biotic prescription and on I went. Come on baby -- only 16 more weeks until you'er here. Hang tight and grow big. We're ready for ya!

Monday, September 7, 2009

When Pigs Fly...

So here I am, on a plane en route to NYC for work. Over the past few weeks, I've been mentally creating a list of why flying isn't the best idea for pregos. Here are a few of the top reasons:

1. Tray tables not built for bellies: As a result of my growing belly, the tray table can no longer fold down completely. It can hit a 45 degree angle, but that doesn't help balance an OJ with ice.

2. Seat recliners will induce sudden rage: As if I'm not cramped as it is, I seem to always get stuck behind the dreaded "seat recliner." Seriously - who reclines their seat? I don't think I ever have done that. But the last few times its happened to me, I see red, begin huffing and puffing like a bull, and begin to repeatedly shove my knees into their relaxed backs until they can't take it anymore. Ahhhh - the joys of prego passive aggressive behavior.

3. Maxed Out Seatbelt: Maybe I am alone on this one, but I highly doubt it. Every girl measures her current size by the amount of slack (or lack there of) left on a seatbelt. You think with horror - will there ever come a day I will need one of those heinous seatbelt extenders they sell in in-flight magazines? Well my dears - that dreaded event happened today... I maxed out the seatbelt over my massive belly. I thought for a second it was stuck or I was sitting on part of it - but oh no... it was giving me all it had, and it BARELY was enough!!

4. The Inevitable Butt-Falling-Asleep: Before we even begin to taxi back to the runway, my butt is fast asleep. Not snoozing. Not taking a nap. Full on, REM sleep. By the time we take off, the tingly/numb feeling has crept down my legs and is beginning to turn my feet into bricks. You probably say - why not get up and stretch? Well - the fear of toppling over in a blaze of prego glory onto all the innocent passengers and seat mates keeps me firmly planted in my window seat.

5. Hoisting the Carry-On: Ladies, let me tell you - the days of chivalry are gone! Forget a helping hand... people have all they can do to let you waddle down the aisle. The men behind you are more concerned with whether or not you are taking the last available luggage space... who cares if your about to go into spontaneous labor by lifting a 20 pound bag over your head like an Olympic weight lifter. Nice.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Scrap it Up!

I had a sudden undeniable urge yesterday (no, not for an ice cream sundae!)... to go to Hobby Lobby!! I decided that I needed to jump in with two feet and begin scrapbooking for the baby. I got an adorable book, tons of papers and lots of stickers. In a past life, I crisscrossed the country with the Queen of Scrapbooking - Sandi Genovese. Seriously, I did! She was a spokesperson for one of my clients, so I had the awesome job of going to scrapbooking expos and conventions all over the US and setting up her workshops. SOO fun! Because of that "insider knowledge" I gathered from Sandi over 12 months, I feel as if my scrapbook needs to be of her caliber. So far, not so much. But I'm working on it! I don't think Sandi ever had glue leak out the sides of her paper. Or curling edges from too much glue. Glue seems to be the enemy. I need to invest in those glue dots she always used. Maybe next weekend!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Great prego-wear finds!

Last week I took the plunge - I purchased my first official maternity shirt at Motherhood Maternity. Its actually a super cute fitted t-shirt with gray and white stripes. And I was willing to give the maternity dresses a shot, but OOOOOHHHHHH NO - they were horrendous! I've realized large prints are not my friend. Also, all the styles were super short. Am I the only prego out there with swollen legs and cankles? Not to mention the paisley pattern of varicose veins that are appearing daily. So all the dresses were a no go for sure.

I'm going on another business trip on Monday with the same group of people I was with last week - which means no repeating prego fashions! In a desperate attempt to find work-appropriate prego-wear, I went to Kohl's. Not sure how many of you have checked out their maternity section lately, but its about the size of one of my swollen feet. Zero selection. So I ventured over to the Misses section and found the most AMAZING wrap dresses. They aren't super short (come to the knee)and are stretchy enough to accommodate a growing belly. They are also the "mock wrap" style, so you don't have to worry about accidental flashing. I got two of them - one in Black and one is a cute green design. I also got a stretchy Vera Bradley shirt dress in purple. I've been avoiding purple for fear of looking like Grimace - you know, the big purple McDonald's character? The sizes in regular Misses only go up to XL, but that seems to be enough room for now. Here is a link to the wrap dress (on sale for $23.99 each):

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ode to French Onion Soup - Part 2

All the pregos will appreciate this... I have a confession to make.

So after my luscious cup of French Onion soup at the hotel, I went to a fantastic French restaurant for dinner and guess what? I ordered another bowl for dinner! The waiter pointed it out as a "specialty". And boy, was it delish!!

Ahhhhh - the joys of pregnancy. Loving every minute of it.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ode to French Onion Soup

Nothing makes me happier than a delicious cup of french onion soup. I've always loved it, but since I've been pregnant, I CRAVE it!! I'm traveling for work, and the first thing I thought when we checked into the hotel was "Oh! They have great french onion soup here!" Never mind the fact I'm going out to dinner in less than 2 hours - I just HAD to get a bowl. So I did : ) I love how pregnancy gives us the permission to fill all our wishes, desires and cravings. Whether they are extra sleep, a chocolate bar, or in my case - a cheesy bowl of french onion soup. YUM!