Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Gifts for Teachers... That They Actually WANT to Receive (Hint: No Yankee Candles or Cucumber Melon Lotion!)

Growing up in a household with two teachers, I saw many a foolish teacher gift pass through during the Christmas holiday season. And it's not that these gifts weren't appreciated, but someone can only have so many cucumber melon-scented lotions, vanilla-scented hand soaps, Yankee candles and apple ornaments. So break out of the mold and get your favorite teacher a personalized gift they can decorate their classroom with - and enjoy not only this year, but for many years to come!

I created a series of personalized gifts for teachers on my Etsy site, created with input from my teacher parents and friends: "Classroom Rules" (with versions available for Daycare teachers, Preschool teachers and even Special Needs classrooms!), "Dear Students" - a note telling students how much they care, "In This Classroom" - a list of class expectations, and "THINK Before you Speak".

How do I know teacher's want these prints? I sold out during the Back to School season with teachers ordering these prints for their own classrooms : ) I sold hundreds of them to teachers wanting to personalize their classroom, and add a splash of personality and fun that they couldn't find in a typical teacher store.

To make it even more special and personalized, you can swap out one of the phrases with something the teacher says all the time - like "Be legendary" or "Remember the Golden Rule".

Use coupon code WHATTEACHERSWANT now through December 31st to save 20% on any Teacher-Inspired artwork in my Etsy shop.

Now go any return those Yankee Candles and scented lotions before you lose your receipt!! And visit Sweet Leigh Mama on Etsy to get those teachers what they really want this year :)