Tuesday, July 6, 2010

When the Cookie Crumbles

I have a confession: I've been holding back on y'all. See, after I gave birth, there was one topic I wanted desperately to write about, but just didn't know how to without being super gross. I wrote at least 4 posts on the topic, and deleted them all... "Do pregos REALLY want to know what happens down there post delivery?!" I know I would have liked to know! I guess it's one of those things every mama knows and no one discusses.. because - uh oh - what if I was the only one this happened to?? Well, leave it to TheBump.com to lift the shroud of secrecy. There is something very odd about seeing the word "crotch" in girly cursive letters, but the article is pretty good. Crotch Care 101: The truth about postbirth recovery

Here are the takeaways from my personal experience (NOTE: read at your own risk...preferably not right after eating breakfast)