Monday, September 14, 2009

CZ Bling

It has finally happened. I've been warned many times, but I continued to deny that this could happen to me. I was going to defy the odds! Yesterday, I officially out-grew my wedding rings. AHHHHHHHH! It was a battle of wills - between my beautiful rings and my sausage-like finger. The sausage won. This happened at 9 pm yesterday night. So what does any hjavascript:void(0)ormonal prego do at this point? Run to the computer of course, to see what discount store is open this late on a Sunday so I could find a replacement ring ASAP. I tried Target and Kohls, but only Wal-Mart was open "late night". So off I went, determined to find something to temporarily take the place of my bling. Well -- let me say this: Wal-Mart + Cubic Zirconia selection = horrific. I know, I know. What did I expect? But if I was going to wear a CZ, I wasn't going to settle for diamond dust. Who DOWNGRADES with a CZ? The thought was ridiculous. So I had to go in a completely opposite direction - forget fake diamonds. I found a cute faux-amethyst ring for $8.99 : ) It works for now.