Friday, February 28, 2014

Over-Dramatic Disney Mom: Elsa from Frozen Edition

As moms, we have to make a lot of decisions. Hard decisions. We face major dilemmas. Your mind races with doubt, uncertainty, fear. Did I make the right choice? Am I doing things right? Am I damaging my children? Are they headed straight for Dr. Phil's couch? If you can relate to the dilemmas below, you very well be an Over-Dramatic Disney Mom...

I don't like to breastfeed. But I'm afraid other moms will judge me.


I let my son sit in his poo a little too long. And now he has diaper rash.


My daughter loves Caillou. But I hate that whiney little bald brat.


I really need to take a shower, but I'm thinking it's more of a dry-shampoo kind of day.


My child peed in the bed. But I'm too tired to change the sheets.


I can't decide between the expensive Private Pre-K or the free state-funded program. It may not be as good, but it's FREE!



I tell my kids to eat healthy, but all I want to do is scarf down chips.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Frozen "Let It Go" Parody Video is BEYOND Funny

OMG. If you are going to watch one video today, it HAS to be this one. I was crying, I was laughing so hard. The best line: "Let the tantrum rage on! The screaming never bothered me anyway..."   This lady is hilarious! Enjoy and share with all your mama friends who need a good laugh : )

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Nautical Themed Nursery Artwork for Your Little Sailor

I didn't do a nautical themed nursery for Deacon, but I LOVE nautical or sailing themed nurseries! But the options for wall art are pretty limited. An anchor. An octopus. But where's all the cool word art or typography? I couldn't find much available, so I created my own. Yes - I wrote the little rhyme and everything : ) I think it could also work for a beach house! Let me know what you think!

Take me to the ocean;
Let me sail the open sea.
To breathe the warm and salty air,
And dream of things to be.

And here's a few of the designs I came up with to feature my nautical nursery quote...

Nautical Nursery Art by Sweet Leigh Mama
Red and navy - a True Nautical feel
A little bit of a different layout
Nautical Nursery Art by Sweet Leigh Mama

Nautical Nursery Art by Sweet Leigh Mama

Sunday, February 23, 2014

New! Custom Jake and the Never Land Pirates Birthday Invitations PLUS Child's Name in Custom Jake font

I just added this new line of Jake and the Never Land Pirates Birthday Party Invitations to my Etsy shop (also named Sweet Leigh Mama). Since both girls and boys equally love Jake, I created two versions - one featuring Jake and one featuring Izzy (every girl's favorite pirate!). I re-created the signature Jake font to use on the invites - super cool! Since I have to create the child's name to include in the invite, I'm going to include the stand alone "NAME and the Never Land Pirates" logo for free with the invitation - parents can use it on the cake or even have it printed on a t-shirt!

Click here to Customize and Purchase the Jake and the Never Land Pirates Birthday Invitations PLUS Child's Name in Custom Jake font

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Birthday Invitation with Child's Name in Signature Jake Font

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Birthday Invitation with Child's Photo, Featuring Jake

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Birthday Invitation with Child's Photo, Featuring Izzy

New! Curious George Birthday Party Invitations including Your Child's Name in the Signature Curious George Font!

I just added this new line of Curious George Birthday Party Invitations to my Etsy shop (also named Sweet Leigh Mama). I re-created the signature Curious George font to use on the invites - which was a bit difficult and took me having to combine multiple fonts to get just the right look. But it worked!! Since I have to create the child's name to include in the invite, I'm going to include the stand alone "Curious NAME" logo for free with the invitation - parents can use it on the cake or even have it printed on a t-shirt!

Click here to customize and purchase Curious George Birthday Party Invitations including Your Child's Name in the Signature Curious George Font!

Child's Name in Curious George Font! Perfect for printing on a t-shirt for the party!
Curious George Birthday Party Invitation with Child's Photo PLUS Child's Name in Curious George Font!
Curious George Birthday Party Invitation with Child's Photo PLUS Child's Name in Curious George Font!


NEW! Thomas the Train Birthday Party Invite

Choo choo! Check out this new line of Thomas the Train birthday invitation at-home printables I just added to my Etsy shop. All aboard! Click here to order your custom Thomas the Train invitations!

Thomas the Train Party Invitation - 2 Photos
Thomas the Train Party Invitation - 1 Photo

Thomas the Train Party Invitation - No Photos


Friday, February 21, 2014

The 3 Tips to Afford the Dental Work You Need NOW

Has your tooth ache turned treacherous? Learned you need a root canal ASAP to save your smile? Dental work is not something you can put off for long. The pain, swelling and discomfort can make you miserable. But often, the cost of dental work can be worse than the actual procedure. So how can you better afford the dental work you need NOW? It might not be as bad as you think…
#1. Understand the FULL Cost of the Dental Procedure: Sometimes, it’s not as simple as JUST a root canal. You may be comfortable with the cost of a root canal alone, but did you know that often you’ll require a crown to cover the damaged tooth? Or – even after a perfectly good root canal – you may STILL end up with a full tooth extraction? Your dentist may not know the extent of the dental decay until they drill in deeper (literally). Ask questions from the start, being sure to price out all potential outcomes of your procedure.

#2. Find a Dentist You Trust: No need to remain monogamous when it comes to your dentist. Just because a particular Doc diagnosed the problem, doesn't mean you need to stick with that same dentist to fix it. Play the field and find a dentist that works with your individual dental needs, as well as your budget. Use a credible dentist search – like Doc Wellbee’s “Find a Dentist” feature – to browse through hundreds of the top dentists in your area.

#3. Find an Annual Discount Plan w/ Pre-Negotiated Rates: Health insurance. Car insurance. Homeowners insurance. All are no brainers. But dental? Eh. Most people don’t think about it until a dental emergency strikes. Luckily, there are dental discount plans available that have pre-negotiated lower rates with the best dentists nationwide. These plans will save you 25-60% off the typical costs of dental procedures (meaning hundreds – or thousands – of dollars staying in your wallet!) Doc Wellbee is one of the best dental discount plans out there. Some of the highlights? Sign up and use the plan INSTANLY. No waiting period. And you are guaranteed to be approved – Doc Wellbee doesn’t exempt based on health history. Plus, there are more than 10,000 dentists in the Doc Wellbee network. Doc Wellbee memberships begin at $11.45 per month for individuals, $15.20 per month for families.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The 5 Major Mistakes You Are Making as a New Parent (...That You May Not Realize Until it's Too Late!)

Are you putting your child's health and safety at risk? There's a good chance you are... and you may not even realize it! This may be one of the most important posts I've ever written. Please share with other new parents - we need to make sure we're all up-to-date with this important information. I've made many of these mistakes myself : ( But I'm course-correcting early enough as to hopefully avoid long term effects on my children's health and wellness. And keeping them off The Dr. Phil Show.

The 5 Major Mistakes You Are Making as a New Parent (...That You May Not Realize Until it's Too Late!)

#1. Super-Sizing Kids' Portions
Do you know what a child's portion should REALLY be?
With news about America's obesity epidemic slapping us in the face every time we turn on the TV, you'd think we'd have this one figured out. But unfortunately, many of us do not. Me included. According to the American Dietetic Association, an appropriate portion size for our children is approximately 1 tablespoon of food for every year of life. So a two year old's portion is about 2 TBSP of food. A 4 year old, 4 TBSP. Experts say too much food is intimidating and discouraging for the child -- and SUPER frustrating for the parent who sees a full plate of food even when the child has sampled everything. Also - how many calories should your child be taking in per day? Generally, preschoolers need about 1,000 calories a day, elementary-school kids need about 1,400 calories, and middle and high-school students, about 1,600 to 2,500 calories a day depending upon activity level. The message here: think about how much food you are putting on your child's plate - and keep the rule of one tablespoon/year of life in mind.

#2. Avoiding the Dentist
Could your child have enamel hypoplasia?
It's more common than you think!
We can come up with a million excuses as to why our children don't need to go to the dentist. "Don't baby teeth just fall out anyway?" "We brush our child's teeth every day - that should be enough for this age group." "If we have to go, I'll just pay out-of-pocket. It's not like they'd need anything major done!" The truth of the matter is that your children's baby teeth are just as important as the permanent teeth. Oral health should start before the first tooth even erupts. As soon as they pop out of the womb, dentists recommend parents rub a damp washcloth over baby's gums to clear away harmful bacteria. When the first tooth erupts, brushing needs to begin. And approximately 6 months after that first tooth appears, your child needs to be visiting a dentist. Major dental issues can arise even among very young children including: enamel hypoplasia, baby bottle tooth decay and even gum disease. Treating your children's teeth can be just as expensive as treating your own. So don't risk not being covered with the proper dental benefits. Annual dental discount plans like Doc Wellbee offer family dental coverage for as little as $15 per month - and even reward you for going to the dentist! Don't set your children up for a lifetime of dental issues.

#3. Being Careless With Car Seats
Putting your child in a car seat is a no-brainer. But don't be naive -  just because they are strapped in, doesn't mean they are safe. Consumer Reports compiled a list of the top 10 issues parents are making with their car seats.  A few of the top mistakes: 1. Moving children up to booster seats too soon. Children generally can move to a booster between the ages of 4 years and 7 years. But the test is checking to see whether the seat belt lies midway between a child's shoulder and neck, flat across the lap; whether her knees bend at the edge of the seat; and whether she can sit properly for the entire ride. 2. Not using the top tether. An Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study found that only half of car seats were attached by the top tether and most parents didn’t think it was necessary. Contrary to this misperception, the top tether is very important, because it significantly reduce a child's potential for head and other injuries in a crash. Consumer Reports recommends always using a top tether. and 3. Improperly positioning the chest clip. Too many times we see the chest clip way down by a child’s belly. The clip is supposed to slide up and be placed at arm pit level. If it’s positioned too low a child can be ejected from the seat in a crash; too high, and it can interfere with breathing. The moral of the story? Don't just strap them in and forget about it. Or even worse, let your child strap THEMSELVES in without checking to make sure everything is secure. It's just not worth the risk.
#4. Undoing the Baby-Proofing Too Soon
Before our little ones are even born, we're usually scrambling through the house with baby proofing gear - plugging electrical outlets with covers, moving chemicals into locked cabinets, and installing baby gates on the stairs. But once our children move out of the toddler stage, many parents get lax on the baby proofing. They are old enough to know better now, right? Wrong! Many times, you child can get into even more dangerous situations as their curiosity grows and spends more time playing independently or out of our line of sight. About 2.5 million children are injured or killed by hazards in the home each year. Don't get lax on what may seem like the most obvious safety issues - just because your child is more independent, doesn't mean they are rational or are able to foresee consequences of dangerous action. Also - when the child is a bit older, many families outgrow their first home and move to a larger home. Don't forget: new home = new areas to baby proof. 1. Windows : Windows (including first floor windows and higher ) pose a falling hazard to children. Children should not have access to open windows; windows that can be opened more than 4" are hazardous. Use childproofing window guards and/or locks on all windows. 2. Window Blinds: Cords from window blinds should be kept out of children's reach at all times. They are a strangulation risk to children and can easily be secured out of reach. The inner cord of window blinds are also a strangulation hazard. NEVER PLACE A CHILD'S CRIB OR BED NEAR THE WINDOW OR WINDOW BLINDS. 3. Heavy or Unstable Furniture (including dressers, armoires, entertainment centers, book cases and changing tables, etc.): Every year thousands of children are injured due to tipping furniture. Children pull out dresser drawers and use them as steps to climb up furniture. Heavy and/or unstable furniture should be removed or secured with special furniture straps to studs in the walls to prevent them from tipping onto a child.
#5. Over-Dosing Children's Medicines

Medicine can do wonders for sick children. But never assume that a larger dose will work better. In fact, accidental overdoses send more than 70,000 kids to the emergency room each year, and some even die. Follow these steps to make sure you give your child just the right amount: 1. Take Extra Care with Infants - Don’t give cough or cold medicines to kids younger than age 4, unless your doctor specifically instructs you to. Many visits to the emergency room for overdoses involve infants and toddlers. And don’t give kids of any age medication packaged for adults without instructions from your doctor. 2. Don't Double Up - Many cough and cold medicines contain a pain-relieving medicine, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Read labels closely and avoid giving more than one medication that contains the same active ingredient. 3. Know Your Child's Weight - Dosages of many over-the-counter drugs depend on the size of your child’s body. Charts on many labels guide you to the right amount per pound.

**Note: I am not an expert in child safety. But I AM an over-anxious, paranoid, borderline-helicopter crazy mama bear who reads up on these things daily. These are just some of my latest findings that I felt compelled to share.


Friday, February 7, 2014

The Six Stages of Girl Scout Cookie Gluttony

Just as your resolution to eat right and get fit starts to look like a ghost of New Years' past, Girl Scout cookie season comes a knockin'. Coincidence? I think not. Those girls in green are smart cookies.

They find you when you're weak, hungry and powerless to fight back against the Samoa Seduction. The Thin Mint Threat. The Tag-A-Long Trap.

And just like grief, there are 6 Stages of Girl Scout Cookie Gluttony you will move through. Recognizing them can only give you strength.


You start off strong. Saying things like, "Nope. Not me." You vow to avoid all Girl Scout Cookies this year. "Not going to buy a single box," you say. You avoid eye contact with those smiling faces.

Dodge their door bell rings

Or learn to say NO

But then there is a crack in the armor. Usually by way of a niece. Your BF's daughter. Your cute neighbor. And slowly, you move into Stage Two...


It starts out innocent enough. "I'll just eat one" you say. In the office break room. At a friend's house.

You're still cool, calm and collected though.

But then you start thinking about them after you leave. The taste of Samoa stays on your lips. The smell of the Thin Mint lingers. And you tippy toe into Stage Three...


Just one box. At my office. In my desk. Just to nibble on after lunch. Or in the afternoon when I need a pick-me-up. Or just one box hidden in the center console of your car for those long drives. Or in the kitchen, high up in a cabinet the kids can't reach (and your significant other probably doesn't know about).

You start sneaking them when no one is around.

And you deny their existence if asked about such hidden stash of Girl Scout Cookies.

But then one day is particularly awful. You get a heinous email from a client. The kids won't stop screaming. You chip a nail. And you dive headfirst into Stage Four...


To hell with it! GIVE. ME. THE. GIRL. SCOUT. COOKIES!

You down an entire sleeve of Think Mints without even thinking.

You strategically alternate which side of the carton you take a Samoa from so its not as noticeable.

Only when you top off the box do you realize what you've done.

So you calm yourself down. Hide the evidence in the bottom of the trash can. And decide to self regulate with Stage Five...


"I can't eat them so fast if they're frozen," you say. "They will last at least a few months." And it does slow you down for a little while. That is until you decide to try a frozen Thin Mint.

It's like reuniting with an old friend.

You are so excited. And you just can't hide it.

"Screw it!" you say, relinquishing all self-control to the Girl Scout Cookie Gods. And finally, you hit Stage Six...


You've realized you can no longer live without Girl Scout Cookies. And since Girl Scout Cookie season only comes once a year, you've got to stock up enough to last you at LEAST a few months. You begin to hoard.

Give in to the temptation and go order a box of Girl Scout Cookies today. Visit to find a cookie sale near you.

And then sing along to this blast from the past... because it's COOKIE TIME!!! (And scroll through this post one more time as the song plays in the background - you'll enjoy it that much more : ) )