Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Falling In Love With My Skin

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A few weeks ago I wrote about my new semi-obsession with my skin (Click here for a refresher: Do I Have Time To Worry About Wrinkles?) So since then the seasons have officially changed and any semblance of a tan has faded back into the paleness that consumes my skin 8 months out of the year. And now in addition to worrying about potential wrinkles, I'm face to face with dark circles under my eyes from stress, brown spots on my right cheek that appeared when I was pregnant with Miss Paige and some lovely red splotches on my forehead and chin that I'm still a little perplexed by. So when Walgreens asked me to discuss the ways I'm "falling" in love with my skin this autumn, I realized I was going to have to dig pretty deep to muster some positivity about my appearance. One glance in the mirror and I knew I needed to give my daily beauty and skin care routine a serious 180. And what a better time to do it than fall - the unofficial "new year".

Besides my obsession with preventing wrinkles, my summer beauty routine has been non-existant. Which is sad since I moonlight as a freelance make-up artist (from which I am taking a brief hiatus until after Lil D's surgery and recovery). But I'm inspired to step it up a little (especially now that I know my make-up won't melt off the second I step out the door). However - the last thing I want to do is look like I'm about to hit the clubs in Midtown when I'm really just heading to the grocery store in the burbs. So I have to keep it simple. Here is what I'm thinking....

1. My to-die-for anti-wrinkle toner (yes, I am still obsessed)
2. A smidge of moisturizer (too much and I'll break out) to take care of the red spots
3. A super light foundation to cover the spots, freckles, etc that have accumulated over the last three years of pregnancies (I've always been a fan of Loreal's Visible Lift because it has the most natural pigments in my opinion)
4. A quick brush of powder to smooth everything out
5. Bronzer. Can't forget the bronzer.
6. Mascara - a thickening and extending one that adds definition (BTW - at some point over the last year my eyelashes turned blonde. Muy disturbing and random, I know.)
7. A neutral (just a shade darker than my actual lips) lipstick.

Oh - and I know this doesn't have anything to do with make-up or my skin - but I've just got to do something about my ridiculously gray hair. So a trip to the salon to get some nice low lights is definitely a must over the next week or so.

And there you have it.: my official plan to step it up in the appearance department this fall. I figure if I can pull it off 4 out of 7 days in a week, I'll be in good shape. At least when I leave the house. Although I'll still be in sweatpants - maybe I'll work on sprucing up that part of my life next spring : )

Thank you to Walgreens for sponsoring this blog post. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions are my own.