Friday, February 21, 2014

The 3 Tips to Afford the Dental Work You Need NOW

Has your tooth ache turned treacherous? Learned you need a root canal ASAP to save your smile? Dental work is not something you can put off for long. The pain, swelling and discomfort can make you miserable. But often, the cost of dental work can be worse than the actual procedure. So how can you better afford the dental work you need NOW? It might not be as bad as you think…
#1. Understand the FULL Cost of the Dental Procedure: Sometimes, it’s not as simple as JUST a root canal. You may be comfortable with the cost of a root canal alone, but did you know that often you’ll require a crown to cover the damaged tooth? Or – even after a perfectly good root canal – you may STILL end up with a full tooth extraction? Your dentist may not know the extent of the dental decay until they drill in deeper (literally). Ask questions from the start, being sure to price out all potential outcomes of your procedure.

#2. Find a Dentist You Trust: No need to remain monogamous when it comes to your dentist. Just because a particular Doc diagnosed the problem, doesn't mean you need to stick with that same dentist to fix it. Play the field and find a dentist that works with your individual dental needs, as well as your budget. Use a credible dentist search – like Doc Wellbee’s “Find a Dentist” feature – to browse through hundreds of the top dentists in your area.

#3. Find an Annual Discount Plan w/ Pre-Negotiated Rates: Health insurance. Car insurance. Homeowners insurance. All are no brainers. But dental? Eh. Most people don’t think about it until a dental emergency strikes. Luckily, there are dental discount plans available that have pre-negotiated lower rates with the best dentists nationwide. These plans will save you 25-60% off the typical costs of dental procedures (meaning hundreds – or thousands – of dollars staying in your wallet!) Doc Wellbee is one of the best dental discount plans out there. Some of the highlights? Sign up and use the plan INSTANLY. No waiting period. And you are guaranteed to be approved – Doc Wellbee doesn’t exempt based on health history. Plus, there are more than 10,000 dentists in the Doc Wellbee network. Doc Wellbee memberships begin at $11.45 per month for individuals, $15.20 per month for families.