Monday, March 1, 2010

Keeping Mama's Mind Sharp

Goo goo, ga ah ah ah oooooo, poopy, poopy poo! Translation: This Mama talks a lot of baby talk! : )

One of my besties introduced me to a new iPhone app that is helping me keep my mind from turning into steamed squash. It's called "Words With Friends". Basically, its like Scrabble. And I LOVE it! You can play multiple games at the same time with multiple people. Very fun and totally addicting. I don't know if non-iPhone users can also download it and play, but if you happen to have an iPhone, search my username (which of course is sweetleighmama) and let's start up a game!

Just a word of warning - In 2001 I was officially banned from playing a similar-type of game, Catch Phrase, after one fateful night in college when in trying to get my friends to say the word "Pine Tree", I used the descriptor "coniferous". Ummm.. how else do you describe a PINE TREE without saying the words TREE or PINECONE? I thought it was genius (and by genius I really mean that I must have just learned the word in my biology class earlier that day). My friends did not agree. So if we are playing "Words with Friends" and I throw out a strange word - just go with it. If you read this blog, then you've probably figured out by now that I can be pretty random. : )