Saturday, February 26, 2011

Keep It Movin'

About 50 times every day, I say to Miss Paige, "Keep it movin'. Just keep it movin'." She knows this means that it's time for her to move onto the next thing because she's about to get in trouble for what she is doing at the moment. Eventually she figures out she needs to "keep it movin'" past certain obstacles - like Lenni's dog bowls, potted plants, the TV. Unless she wants to get in trouble, she needs to keep on her way towards more appropriate toys and activities that will result in positive outcomes.

I've realized that over the past few years since becoming mama (with baby in belly, and then in arms), this has become my personal mantra - "Keep it movin'. Just keep it movin'." I don't have the time or patience for negativity, stupidity, drama, etc. Gone are the days of worrying if someone is mad at me, judging me, let down by the things I have or haven't done. I'm no longer concerned with people who want to stand still in their confines of anger, resentment, judgment, fear... I just keep it movin' right past them. I used to be overly concerned about pleasing people and meeting up to their expectations of me. Now? I still strive to do my personal best and live up to my potential as a Child of God. But I don't do it to please other people. I do it to please myself, God and for the benefit of my family and friends. I live the best life I can, making sure not to take a single minute for granted. Negativity and the like can only slow me down... and I've got too many good things going on to get tied down in that nonsense. Interested is being a part of the positivity? Join in! Not interested in change and letting go of the nonsense of life? Sorry, but I'm just gonna "keep it movin'" right by ya.