Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What's in a Name?

What's in a name? In my opinion, EVERYTHING! I think it's so important to pick the perfect name for your baby - it's almost like giving them a brand for the rest of their lives. That may sound dramatic, but it's SO true! A name can conjur up all sorts of feelings and emotions - whether they can be attributed to your child or not. Think about the names that your husband suggested that you immediately said, "NO WAY!" to, all because they reminded you of someone you knew from high school, college, work. Beyond it's official meaning, names can carry emotional baggage as well. For example, once we decided on the name Paige, everyone immediately loved it. And about 90% of the time, people would say this exact statement, "I knew/know someone named Paige who is the SWEETEST person ever." Are ALL Paige's sweet and nice? Of course not! But it seems as if there are enough of them out there who fit into that category where the name "Paige" conjures up positive emotions.

And then, we have to consider the "official" meaning of the name. Every child loves looking up what their name means - I can remember feeling so special when I found out Erica meant "honorable ruler." How regal!! Paige means "messenger," which I have decided really means: messenger = messenger of God = angel : ) Here middle name is Karolina, which means "tiny and feminine." One name I liked if Baby #2 is a girl is Camryn. That was until I found out it's official meaning - crooked nose. I swear! What a terrible meaning! Another name we really like is Leah. But the official meaning of Leah? Tired and weary. What the fuzzball?! How am I going to explain one day that while Paige is my "tiny, feminine angel", you are my "tired and weary" daughter with the "crooked nose." Nice. Mother of the year, here I come!

We're not having as much trouble with deciding on a boy's name - my husband has had his heart set on a particular name all his life. So that's that. And the meaning is the same as Paige's actually - messenger : )

7 more months to figure this out - as my husband keeps reminding me every day when I throw names out at him. But this literally keeps me up at night. Oh, the pressure!