Friday, July 31, 2009

A Size Small Maternity is Still Small

So I acknowledge 100% that I am getting bigger around the middle. There is no denying that. But when my sister offered to lend me some of her maternity clothes, I jumped at the opportunity! Now, me and my sister have completely different builds. We always have. She's petite, and I'm, well, not petite : ). She wears a size Small normally, I wear a size Large. But when she emerged from the basement with box-loads of cute prego-wear, I just couldn't resist trying them on. BAD IDEA! After going through all the clothes and picking out the shirts and pants that looked "big", I went into her guest room to slip into them (or so I thought). Well, "slip" very quickly turned into "shove my body". Unless I wanted to look like a sausage, the pants and most shirts were a definite no-go. And those are the ones that I managed to squeeeeeeze over my booty! So a word of wisdom to all pregos: just because something looks "big", "roomy" or was "large and comfy" on your Size 4 sister, doesn't mean its going to fit your Size 14 prego-self. At least I have my skinny jeans : )