Wednesday, February 24, 2010

And the Winner Is....

I've spent the last two weeks conducting a "highly scientific" experiment to find the best diapers for my Peanut. This was my criteria:
  • How much pee can it hold? If it felt saturated after only a 3 oz. bottle, then it was out. It had to hold up after a 6 oz feeding without causing her to cry and wake up.
  • Did it maintain the poop? And I'm not talking about a little squirt of poop from an intense toot. I'm talking about the sin-serious, roll up your sleeves, take off your rings, 15 wipe and still need a bath kind of poop.
  • Price: Any savings is good, but this wasn't my #1 concern. I figure if its a crappy diaper (pardon my pun), then I'm going to spend just as much because I'll have to change more often, wash more clothes, etc.
  • Did it have any unintended side-effects? This includes rashes, strong smells, etc.
After two weeks, I have a winner - LUVS! I found that Pampers and Huggies are basically identical. They do ok with the pee, but fail miserably with maintaining the poop. After two days of poop shooting out the sides, up the back, and down the legs while wearing Pampers, they were out. Huggies let me down once, and they were out. The only diaper that was able to maintain the poop, hold the pee, and meet all other criteria was the Luvs. Luckily my daughter doesn't seem to be prone to rashes... if she were, Luvs might not be the best option. They aren't as soft as Pamper and Huggies, but they aren't like sandpaper either. I'm guessing, though, that if there were a more sensitive baby, the Luvs brand may be a little rough.

So those are my findings. I'm still sticking to my Huggies Sensitive wipes though - those can't be beat in my opinion!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shape Up or Ship Out

Almost 8 weeks post partum, it's time to get my butt in shape! Yes, I've lost the pounds, but I still can't fit into my jeans. Highly annoying! So i've invested in a pair of those new sneakers - Skechers Shape Ups. I figured I needed to seriously maximize the limited time I have to work out. But can a pair of sneakers really make a difference? So far, I can definitely feel a difference in my legs. The sneakers kind of make you feel like you are walking through sand. They also have a slight orthapedic look to them. Nice : ) But if it helps me get back in my skinny jeans faster, then bring it on! My goal is to be back to normal by my birthday in April. And I'm kind of sick of getting on the scale... From now until April I will track my progress via my favorite Michael Kors skinny jeans.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pampers vs. Huggies: The Great Debate

I've realized there are two main brands when it comes to diapers and wipes - Pampers and Huggies. They seem very comparable from what I can tell (at least from a price perspective. I've been using Pampers diapers and wipes from the start - not for any particular reason other than they were given to me as a gift (Very scientific rationale on my part). They definitely did their job - rarely had a leak, fit well, and they had a great yellow stripe on the front that would turn blue if the diaper was wet. But now that Paige is moving into the next size, I've been wondering - is it time to give another brand a shot? Maybe Huggies? And what about Luvs or the store brands? I'm not sure if diapers are something to go generic on or not. What do the other mamas out there use?? I went ahead and bought Pampers Size 2 because I wasn't sure about the others. However, these are missing one key benefit - the yellow "turns blue when wet" line!! So as I progress through my 164-pack of Pampers Size 2, I'm going to try and do a little digging into the other brands of diapers. I will let you know what I find out : ).

Then there are the wipes... Again, I went for Pampers. Why? They were a gift and seemed to work well. I've been using Pampers Sensitive. But then, I got a sample of Huggies Sensitive wipes in the mail last week - and they are FABULOUS! SO much better than the Pampers wipes! They are about twice as thick and are quilted which helps clean up those crazy smelly poops much faster. I promptly returned the Pampers wipes I had just purchased (and thankfully not opened yet!) and purchased the Huggies Sensitive wipes. They also come in resealable pouches, which is fantastic when you purchase the mega packs. Huggies:1; Pampers:0.

So again, this makes me think - if Huggies wipes are so incredible, then maybe their diapers are great too?? Let me know what you all use or have heard about the brands.

Monday, February 8, 2010

It's Official: I'm a Stay-at-Home Mommy!

It's amazing what saying something out loud can do for the soul.

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to stay home with my baby. However, wanting to and being able to are two different things. Throughout the pregnancy, I struggled with what to do. If I stayed home and stopped working, it wasn't going to be easy financially. Our income would literally be cut in half. And with the economy as it has been, is it really smart to leave a relatively secure job? But as the pregnancy progressed - especially after I suffered the mini-stroke at 30 weeks - I realized that there is nothing more important than taking care of my baby. And my current career was not going to allow me to do that in a way I felt comfortable with.

Many of you have asked what I do for a living - I work in Public Relations. Or I should say, "worked". : ) PR is an AWESOME field - constant action, amazing opportunities, dream clients. However, it is VERY demanding. I often say that while it isn't a life or death occupation, the level of stress would make you think that you hold someone's life in your hands. In some ways, you do. Not a life of course, but a company's reputation. Companies pay big bucks to ensure they are top of mind with consumers. And you need to be 110% accountable to how you are spending those bucks. This isn't always compatible with a work/life balance if you know what I mean.

So, last week I officially resigned to become a stay-at-home mommy to my little Peanut. Finally saying it out loud - acknowledging my decision to the world - gave me peace. And though I'm putting my career on hold for a while, I've never been more proud, satisfied and content in my latest venture. No job title is as meaningful as that of "Mommy." I may not get a promotion or raise, but knowing that I did what my heart was telling me I needed to will be my annual bonus. One question: I wonder where Motherhood will fit onto my resume? : )

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Stretch Marks, Jelly Belly, Muffin Top - Oh My!

Yes - those words now describe my lovely post-baby belly. Now, my belly pre-baby was no washboard. But boy-oh-boy, this post-baby belly is quite the situation. Surprisingly, I lost the 30 lbs of baby weight I gained pretty quickly - in about 2.5 weeks. I know, I am shocked too. But I am certainly not back to my pre-prego body. Can my jeans be pulled on? Yes. Can they button? Yes. Is it a pretty site? NO! Muffin top city. (For those of you who don't know what a "muffin top" is, it's the bulge of fat that busts over the top of too-tight jeans. Like the top of a muffin. Nice visualization, huh?) See, once Paige came out, that nice round belly dropped like a deflated balloon. I had no idea that was going to happen. I figured it would slowly go back as I lost the weight and my uterus shrunk. But no, ma'am. Over the past six weeks it has shrunk considerably - thank goodness - but not enough to fit into my normal clothes. I've been rocking the "sporty" look with sweatpants and hoodies - but this is getting old. I want to wear my jeans again!! So today I went to Target and bought a pair of tummy-flattening underwear. Think granny panties that extend to my rib cage. In a word, H-O-T! I'm going to try them out tomorrow and see if they help at all. I'll keep you posted. As for the stretch marks? Holy smokes. I don't think they are going anywhere soon. I guess I'll be rocking the one-piece bathing suit this summer!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

You Won't Even Believe It

You really had to see it to believe it, but I will tell you all anyway because it is just too funny. Today I was changing Paige's diaper when the unthinkable happened... Just as I removed her diaper, she began to pee. Now, this is pretty typical. She likes to pull the okey-doke on me all the time. However, this pee didn't just dribble onto the changing table. This pee shot into the air like a fountain, shot OVER MY HEAD, and splattered onto the floor behind me. SERIOUSLY! Good thing I have reflexes like a cat, or I would have gotten shot in the eye. Doesn't this type of thing only happen with baby boys?! I was laughing so hard I had to sit down (not in the pee). And thank goodness I was downstairs changing her with the hardwood floors - because it was a TON of pee. I usually call Paige my little Peanut. Now I may be changing her name to Pee-nut : )