Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Latest Debate: Is Buffalo Check Appropriate for Pregos?

Over the past few months, I've noticed that Buffalo Check has made a major comeback. Being the trendy mama that I am, how could I pass up a fad?! So off I went last week and picked up a buffalo check shirt (not maternity - just big). I finally had the chance to wear it on Tuesday as I went to my various Dr. appointments (changing out of sweats was a big moment for me!). I put it on and thought it looked pretty good before I left the house. But as I walked into my first appointment, I caught my reflection in the shiny glass building. And let me tell you - there was A LOT to see! I looked like a picnic blanket, with a giant pumpkin hidden under it. It was horrendous! I of course gasped, and hit my husband on his arm - "Why didn't you tell me this shirt looked so bad?". As with everything else - of course it was his fault. And that's when he said it... "What do you mean? That's what all your shirts look like." WHAT?!?!?! That wasn't the answer I was looking for. But - it did make me think - maybe this buffalo check made me look like a tablecloth covering a pumpkin, but does my zebra print shirt look like a throw rug over a beach ball? And does my blue shirt make me look like a giant blueberry? I've decided  that no matter what I wear - it's not going to be pretty. So might as well have fun with the fads, trends and wear what I want - I just need to avoid reflective surfaces : )