Saturday, September 11, 2010

Who Loves Carter's? Sweepstakes and $50 Giveaway! Enter by Monday!

Do you love Carter's? I guess that's kind of like asking if you've ever eaten ice cream sans bowl in front of the TV while watching Bravo, Style or E!... Um, HECK YEAH! SERIOUSLY!

So here's the scoop...You have exactly two days left to enter a fab two-part contest from Carter's - entries are due end of day Monday, September 13! So... ummm... yeah - Better get on it, mamas!! Here are all the details:

Carter’s is celebrating the funny things that kids say and do by giving away 70 gift cards worth up to $1,000. Every parent loves sharing stories about their child, and let’s face it, kids are hilarious and they can make you crack up at the most unexpected times! Enter your e-mail or share your funny story for the chance to win a Carter’s gift card. Those interested have until Monday - September 13, 2010 to enter the sweepstakes – no purchase necessary.

Official rules are located here:

The Easy-Peezy Sweepstakes (aka No Thought Required): Click HERE and enter your email address for a chance to win...
  • Grand prize: 5 winners will receive a $250 Carter's gift card
  • First prize: 20 winners will receive a $50 Carter's gift card
  • Second prize: 40 winners will receive a $25 Carter's gift card

The "The Funny Thing Is..." Contest (aka Some Thought Required, but Still Pretty Darn Easy-Peezy): Click HERE and enter your email address, and then tell Carter's about the funniest thing your baby has done for a chance to win... You know you've told the story a million times anyway - so now just put it in writing!!
  • Grand prize: 1 winner will receive a $1000 Carter's gift card
  • First prize: 4 winners will receive a $250 Carter's gift card

And then, once you get done entering the Carter's sweepstakes/contest, fill out the form below for ANOTHER chance to win a $50 Carter's gift card. (Or click HERE to enter if you can't see the form below.) This one is thanks to the super fab Carter's PR folks who kinda just love you all. You have until EOD Sunday the 18th to enter this one - lucky you! One winner will be chosen at random, and will be announced on Monday a.m.

Speechless Saturday: Paige in Boots

I'm not ashamed to admit it - I am totally turning Paige into a Mini-Me! Yesterday Daniel and I stopped by Old Navy so he could get a new pair of jeans and I couldn't help but make a beeline to the children's section. See, ever since I purchased my slouchy brown boots, I've been on the lookout for identical ones for Paige. Don't judge - you know every girl needs a perfect pair of slouchy brown boots for Fall! So I spotted a great pair and as I searched for Paige's size,  Daniel walked up behind me. Here is the conversation that followed:

Daniel: What are you doing?
Me: Ummm... what? Nothing. Nothing. I'm just looking for something.
Daniel: Paige doesn't need shoes. She isn't even walking.
Me: She does. She desperately needs brown slouchy boots.
Daniel: What? Why? What 8-month-old needs brown boots?
Me (trying to distract him): Don't worry about it. Are you going to try on those jeans or what?
Daniel: Yeah. But are you seriously going to get Paige these boots?

And then it happened. These words literally came out of my mouth as naturally as if I was saying my name and phone number.

Me (in an exasperated, unnecessarily loud voice): YES! I planned Paige's ENTIRE Fall/Winter wardrobe around these boots. We NEED the brown slouchy boots!
Needless to say, we got the boots. Mama always wins : )