Friday, November 20, 2009

Diagnosis: NOTHING!

So last Saturday I woke up convinced I had a UTI. If you've had one, you know the distinct feeling that only the joys of a UTI can bring to your life. So I call the doctor's office to request a prescription, and the nurse calls me back to let me know that they can't prescribe antibiotics over the phone for pregnant women. AHHHHH! She told me to head over to an Urgent Care if I couldn't wait until my Tuesday appointment. I wasn't thrilled with the idea of going to Urgent Care - I can just imagine the Swine Flu grabbing hold of me as soon as I step through the door. So I took the old fashioned route - good old cranberry juice and water. By Tuesday it hadn't gotten better, but wasn't getting worse, so they tested me. I got the results on Thursday - NADA. There was nothing wrong with me. Ummmm - HELLO? I can tell you right now, there IS something wrong, and when its "down there" you can't ignore it. So I asked what else it could be.. and the nurse says, "Probably just another lovely side effect of pregnancy." NOOOOOOO! So I respond, "So your telling me there is no medicine to help with this?" And she says, "Nope. The baby is probably just pushing down on your bladder." I know this is common, but really? Can't a prego catch a break? My mom suggested some Yoga positions to help shift the baby - so far, no dice. My husband caught me in the "Cat's Cradle" position last night. His reaction? Nothing. He's used to the crazy by now : )