Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I Need Your Scar Photos! Pretty Please...

“How’d you get that scar?” you ask with curiosity.
You won’t believe the answer. It’s a crazy story, you see.
I’ve been through a lot of things in life – things that left their mark on me.
A run in with a raging bull. A tussle with a tiger.
A gust of wind while tight-rope walking – good thing I wasn’t any higher!

Have you ever had an idea that you just KNOW would make a difference? An impact? That's how I feel about the poem (now morphing into a children's picture book) I wrote for Deacon after his surgery - "How'd You Get That Scar?"(a fun and quirky tale that answers the question our children get asked every day...). I feel that kids like Deacon who have scars (large or small) after overcoming a childhood condition, illness or surgery NEED a story that they can feel is made just for them. So I'm working towards my goal of brining my story to those kids... But in the meantime, I need your photos! Here's the deets...

I NEED YOUR SCAR PHOTOS... Pretty Please : )

Does your child have a large scar resulting from a childhood illness, condition or surgery? I'm creating a Kickstarter campaign (more info on that soon!) to get my "How'd You Get That Scar?" children's book illustrated and published and I want to make a compelling slideshow that features our children and their scars (first photos of the scars/right after surgery would be best) to drum up interest. If you don't mind sharing, email the photo to me at sweetleighmama@gmail.com - please include your child's first name, the condition/injury/type of surgery they had and date. Just put "SCAR PHOTO" in the subject line so I don't miss it : )

I appreciate your support!! Here's a link to the story (which started out as a poem) that I'm working to get published:


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Creative Gender Reveal Party Themes with Invitations and Matching Decor

My new obsession over at Sweet Leigh Mama Shop on Etsy is gender reveal invitations. I'm not sure if it's because I totally missed out on the gender reveal concept (the trend started just after I gave birth to Deacon James!) so I'm living vicariously through these moms- and dads-to-be, or if I just like coming up with cute rhymes, but I am literally OBSESSED. So here is a selection of my latest gender reveal party themes.



Bumblebee Theme Gender Reveal Party - What Will Baby BEE?

Bumble Bee Gender Reveal Invitation

Elephant Theme Gender Reveal Party - A New Little Peanut is on the Way... He or She? What Do You Say?

Elephant Gender Reveal Invitation


Western Theme Gender Reveal Party - What Are Little Foals Made Of? Rough & Tough or Soft & Frilly - Will Baby be a Colt or Filly?

Western Theme Gender Reveal Invitation

Cupcake or Stud Muffin Theme Gender Reveal Party - There's a Bun in the Oven! Will Baby be a Cupcake or Stud Muffin?

Cupcake or Stud Muffin Gender Reveal Invitation

Tutus or Ties Theme Gender Reveal Party - What Will Baby Wear? Tutus or Ties? Join us for the Big Surprise!

Tutus or Ties Gender Reveal Invitation


Lil' Mister or Lil' Miss Theme Gender Reveal Party - Will Baby be a Lil' Mister or Lil' Miss?

Lil' Mister or Lil' Miss Gender Reveal Invitation

Football Theme Gender Reveal Party - A New Lil' (INSERT TEAM MASCOT) is Joining the Team! Will Baby be a Quarterback or Cheerleader?

Football Theme Gender Reveal Invitation

College Football Theme Gender Reveal Invitation

NFL Pro Football Theme Gender Reveal Invitation

Thursday, September 25, 2014

#TBT: My Body is Not My Own - Reality Setting In

It's Throwback Thursday on Sweet Leigh Mama! I still remember this day - and I still scowl at anyone working at the Target photo counter... ya jerks!

My Body is Not My Own: Reality Setting In
Originally Posted July 17, 2009
At the 12 week mark, it was very clear to me that my body was quickly changing. Bye bye skinny jeans and pencil skirts, hello elastic waistbands. Along with my expanding waistline, my skin had reverted back to the age of 15 with pimples, and my hair seemed to jump to age 50 with the amount of grays that were quickly sprouting. However, I convinced myself that I was the only one who was noticing – that was until one fateful day at the Target Photo Center. As I picked up my wedding thank-you photo cards, I took one out of the box to make sure it looked good before I paid. The clerk took a glance at the photo too, and said sweetly, “The bride is so pretty! Who is she?” to which I responded, “Thanks! It’s me!” The clerk giggled a little as if I were joking and then proceeded to say, “No really… is that your younger sister?” It was like she had slapped me in the face – I was in complete shock! I ran immediately to look for low-ammonia hair dye and the strongest facewash I could get my hands on. This was going to be a long 40 weeks!

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Baby? 2014’s Best and Worst States to Have a Baby in the US

Did you know September is the most popular month to have a baby? Must have been a *real* happy New Year for y'all (wink wink). Prego or not, here's some interesting stats from WalletHub - the leading personal finance social network - which examined the actual costs of giving birth in the United States.

Families in the United States pay the highest birthing costs in the world, according to a report from the International Federation of Health Plans. The average cost of a conventional delivery at an American hospital is $9,775. For a C-Section, it’s $15,041. YIKES!

2014’s Best and Worst States to Have a Baby.

How much will it cost to give birth in the state where you live? What will the conditions be like at the hospital or OB-GYN? WalletHub examined 22 key metrics such as delivery costs, access to pediatric services and the number of child care centers per capita. 

 Best States to Have a Baby Worst States to Have a Baby
 1Vermont 42North Carolina
 2Maine 43West Virginia
 3Oregon 44Georgia
 4Connecticut 45New York
 5New Hampshire 46Nevada
 6Wyoming 47Pennsylvania
 7Iowa 48South Carolina
 8Massachusetts 49Mississippi
 9Alaska 50Louisiana
 10Utah 51Alabama

Key Stats
  • The average annual infant care costs in the District of Columbia are 4 times higher than in Mississippi.
  • The infant death rate in Mississippi is 3 times higher than in Alaska.
  • The number of child centers per capita in Vermont is 9 times higher than in Utah.
  • The rate of low birth weight in Mississippi is 2 times higher than in Alaska.
  • The number of OB-GYNs per capita in District of Columbia is 9 times higher than in West Virginia.
  • California has the best parental leave policies, whereas 17 states tied for the worst.
  • The number of pediatricians per capita in the District of Columbia is 92 times higher than in Pennsylvania.

For the full report and to see where your city ranks, click here:

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hair Lice Repelling Sprays and Treatments - The Scoop on Keeping Your Child's Hair Lice-Free

Head Lice. UUGH! Just saying those words makes me start to itch. The thought of those tiny bugs nesting and hatching in my child's hair makes me want to vomit. For real. I might have to burn my house to the ground if we ever have a lice infestation. So far, so good - we've avoided lice. But from what I hear, there is a lice situation brewing in schools across the country. So it's just a matter of time before my child is exposed. But here's my question: Is there any way to avoid contracting lice? Not to mention: How does lice spread? And how can I keep those bugs out of my kids' hair and my house?
Jill Taft, founder of LiceLogic (a line of safe and natural lice treatment and lice prevention products for the whole family), had the answers for me. LiceLogic is part of the Logic Product Group - a collection of gentle, safe and natural products for families, pets and the home. All products are biodegradable, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly and made in the USA.
So here goes - everything you've ever wanted to know about lice and - most importantly - how to keep your kids from getting lice. Halleluiah! {{ITCHY YET!?}}
1. Are people with dirty, greasy hair more likely to contract lice?
No. Lice love nothing more than a head full of clean, fluffy hair. Our
LiceLogic Repel Kit with Repel Conditioning Hair Spray will keep the lice at bay by using natural plant-based enzymes as part of our Triple Shield Effect Regimen.
2. Do lice repellent sprays really work? Yes! Our LiceLogic Conditioning Hair Sprays are a perfect example. Lice are repelled by the powerful combination of LiceLogic's proprietary enzyme and essential oils we put in all of our lice repel products. The lice simply view anything coated in our repel products as a toxic environment and do not want to go near it or stay near it.
3. How can a spray or shampoo + conditioner REALLY repel lice? Sounds too good to be true. Can you explain the science behind it?
Lice make formidable opponents because they are protected by strong exoskeletons - hardened shells that cover them like a suit of armor. The surface of every insect's exoskeleton is covered with a waxy, water-repellant patina known as the cuticle. This outer coating protects the insect from harm, and has long been an obstacle for traditional pesticide's effectiveness - since the chemicals must penetrate the cuticle in order to affect the insect. Since we know lice employ enzymes to escape their exoskeletons, we have formulated our LiceLogic line by utilizing cultured plant based enzymes that mimic those found in nature which have the power to dismantle the armor of a louse instantly. LiceLogic’s proprietary enzyme digests the insect's waxy cuticle on contact and dismantles their exoskeleton - effectively forcing insects into immediate molting in which the protective shell is stripped, their nervous system is exposed, and as a result they die. LiceLogic has been independently tested by Katie Shepherd who heads the renowned Shepherd Institute.  Katie Shepherd, is recognized as one of the top lice experts in the world. Today LiceLogic is used by professional lice removal companies around the world and at the Shepherd Institute. Click HERE to view an overview of the study.
4. Can lice fly or jump?
No. Lice can only crawl and travel from strand to strand of hair. If they sense danger, they will let go and fall off the hair. Lice do not have wings and cannot fly.
5. Can a person automatically get lice from being near someone who has lice?
No. However, if someone in your family is exposed to lice you should do a thorough check of each family member’s hair and scalp. It can happen that one or more family members contract lice, while others are completely unaffected.
6. Is it possible to treat a lice infestation by coating the hair in a greasy substance overnight?
No! Though some people report success using greasy substances like olive oil and mayonnaise to “suffocate” lice, this method is really not the best way to get rid of an infestation. Our
LiceLogic line uses natural enzymes to target and destroy lice and nits, putting an end to the cycle of head lice infestation that occurs when even a few lice or nits survive and are left in the hair.
7. Is it possible to get rid of lice with a single shampooing treatment as promised by some products?
No. If it were so simple, lice would not be such a large, enduring and common problem. It is necessary to use a
sturdy metal nit comb in conjunction with all lice shampoos, whether natural or pesticide-based, because nits are glued to the hair and need to be manually removed.
8. Is the plastic nit comb that comes with a standard OTC lice treatment strong enough to remove all nits?
No. Cheap plastic nit combs break easily when pulled across thicker hair. Oftentimes, the teeth bend and therefore cannot eliminate lice infestation effectively. Having a strong metal nit comb is a must and will also help cut down on treatment time. A metal comb is also a greener choice, as it is reusable and recyclable.
9. Are there products that treat nits in addition to lice?
Yes! Our
LiceLogic Clear & Free Shampoo was independently tested and shown to kill both lice and nits on contact. Nits that came into contact with our LiceLogic Clear & Free Shampoo were rendered non-viable and did not go on to hatch.
10. Do I have to use a pesticide-based treatment to treat lice?
No. In fact, many studies have shown that many lice are increasingly resistant to pesticides. An enzyme-based lice treatment shampoo is a better alternative, as lice cannot build up immunity to natural enzymes. Because they contain no pesticides, enzyme-based shampoos can be used as often as needed until the problem is gone.
11. Can lice live on dogs or other family pets?
No. Lice are specific to a species. Lice that infest humans can only be transmitted between humans. Animals have their own species of lice that prefer to inhabit their fur.
12. Are lice dangerous?
No. You might find them scary, but they are not dangerous. The are only a gross nuisance for most people. However, the pesticides used in common OTC lice treatment products and also found in prescribed head lice treatment products can be dangerous. They are thought to be linked to the development of cancers, seizures and other terrible conditions in some children. These pesticides are absorbed into the blood stream. They are absolutely not necessary for effective lice treatment and should be avoided.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How to Boost Your Immunity: Easy Tips & Tricks to Fight Cold and Flu Season for the Entire Family

I don't know about you, but I'm TERRIFIED of my children bringing home what I like to call the "First Week of School Cooties". We've *somehow* managed to stay healthy all summer - and then the kids enter school (aka The Cootie Kingdom) and before you even know what's happening, they've got a runny nose & fever.. or worse. In my community, Hand Foot & Mouth disease is spreading like wild fire. Nice. They bring that junk home and then we're all down for the count. So how can we build up our immune systems?

Leading health MD Dr. Christopher Hobbs from Rainbow Light has created his top 10 tips to boost your immune system and give you an edge on fighting flu this fall. With over 30 years in the fields of holistic, natural health, Dr. Hobbs helps his patients and readers look and feel their best every day.
Dr. Hobbs' Top 10 Tips to Boost Immunity
Easy, effective tips & tricks to fight cold/flu season for the entire family!
  1. Get regular exercise. Regular exercise helps condition resistance to infections by circulating blood and immune cells.
  2. Practice hydrotherapy. After exercise, get into a cool swimming pool or shower to help circulate surface immunity. Hydrotherapy has been practiced in many cultures for at least 2,000 years to help maintain and restore health.
  3. Sleep is vital. In one study, the cold virus was swabbed into two groups of volunteers. One group was allowed eight hours sleep, while the other was restricted to less than seven hours. The latter group was three times more likely to contract a respiratory infection (Cohen et al, 2009).
  4. Address symptoms early. If you start feeling under the weather, try an herbal remedy with herbs researched for immune support (elderberry, andrographis, berberine) like Rainbow Light® Counter Attack™ Immuno-Response to bolster immunity and reduce symptom severity.
  5. Try adding immune-boosting products and nutrients into your diet.
  6. Limit sugar and processed foods. These items can have a negative effect on your health, especially when immunity is compromised.
  7. Incorporate garlic into dishes. Fresh garlic has natural immune-boosting qualities. Try to incorporate it into dishes, particularly if you aren't feeling well.
  8. Take a daily multivitamin. It's difficult to get all of our daily nutrients from food. Fill gaps in your diet through a multivitamin to get what you need for optimal health - Rainbow Light has a great variety of multivitamins for the entire family.
  9. Drink hot green tea. It contains compounds that help strengthen resistance.
  10. Get fresh air. Dress warmly and venture outdoors, even if only for a short, brisk walk. The fresh air invigorates and boosts natural defenses.
Dr. Christopher Hobbs, Ph.D., L.Ac., A.H.G., Director at Rainbow Light - With over 30 years of experience in the health space and as a licensed herbalist at Rainbow Light, Dr. Hobbs has immense experience in the specialties of vitamins, holistic health medicine, natural products, organic, wellness and diet/weight loss and has worked closely with clients to help them achieve optimal health. Following a "whole, simple and nutritious" diet approach, Dr. Hobbs actively motivates clients to participate in personally designed health plans while educating clients on the immense benefits of a clean diet outlook. Hobbs has authored 25 books, including Herbal Remedies for Dummies and Women's Herbs, Women's Health. He shares his knowledge of herbal medicine with consumers and educators all over the world through lectures, and utilized his expertise in this field to found the Institute for Natural Products Research. He also serves as a consultant to the herb industry.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Life Hacks - School Lunch Edition

Top 5 School Lunch Nutritional Hacks

http://www.womansday.com/cm/womansday/images/EN/How-to-Pack-a-Better-School-Lunch-mdn.jpgWith kids headed back to school, it’s more important than ever to support their healthy development and give them every possible advantage in the classroom.
On top of ensuring the kiddos complete their homework every day and make it out the door on time, parents are now more focused than ever on the importance of proper nutrition in their diet. However, giving children a once-a-day vitamin may not be the best route anymore as research has shown that nutrients from natural sources (ahem, real whole foods) are more readily absorbed and utilized by their growing bodies.
Hurried parents who pack their kids’ lunches every day may find it a bit frustrating to keep it both healthy and tasty, especially for those picky eaters. Shane Griffin, the CEO of Whole Life Balance – an international nutritional coaching company – has worked with many parents who have faced this same struggle.
Shane’s solution? Try sneaking nutrients into your kids’ food with these 5 school lunch nutritional hacks!
(Shane has no financial affiliation with any brands mentioned below – they are just healthy recommended options)
1.       Utilize Powdered foods: Powdered whole foods have recently made their way into the market, and they are an excellent tool for parents whose kids are picky eaters. Say your kid craves Mac n’ Cheese every week - the boxed versions have little nutrition on their own. By adding Activz’s powdered carrots and pumpkin into your own creation, you’re giving your kid a tasty treat while greatly boosting the nutritional value of an otherwise unhealthy meal. Check out this delicious recipe here.  

2.       Embrace the superfruit fad: “Superfruit” is an overused term these days, but it came to light for a good reason:  Some fruits just pack a bigger nutritional punch than others. One of my favorite newcomers is camu camu, a fruit straight out the Amazon Rainforest with 30X the Vitamin C of an orange and 10X the antioxidant capacity of acai. Immune-boosting Vitamin C is especially important with kids headed back into the classroom, as research shows that 164 million school days are missed yearly due to infectious diseases. So parents, try sneaking vitamin C into this tasty salad with some Ama├žari – a 100% whole food camu camu supplement - to support their good health.

3.       Go lean or go home: Not all meats are created equal, but they are a great source of protein that every growing body craves. A great way to boost the nutritional value of any school lunch is to substitute leaner meats into the mix. Try using ground turkey instead of beef in your meatloaf or meatballs, or if you’re making tacos try substituting pork ribs for the ground beef you’re accustomed to. If your kid loves chicken, skip the fried version for a nice organic boneless, skinless alternative. Remember, proper seasoning is important to keep the flavor consistent!

4.       Bake in the goodness: Most kids are fans of baked treats, but they don’t have to know how the cookie is made – they just care how it tastes! If you’re cooking muffins or cookies, try using organic applesauce as the base. Then, toss in some ground flaxseed or wheat germ into the batter to boost the nutritional content. If you’re feeling extra bold, adding in pureed squash, zucchini or banana to really give it a healthy lift. Substituting healthy alternatives like these will teach your kids that tasty doesn’t have to mean unhealthy!

5.       Blend in a nutritional boost: Smoothies can be your best friend, and give you a chance to really provide whole food nutrients in the tastiest way possible. As a base, use organic milk or a dairy alternative like rice or almond milk. Load up the smoothie with spinach, berries, and a banana for sweetness. Remember, Omega-3’s are a vital part of your kid’s brain development, so add in some of Karlene Karst’s Sea-liocous Omega-3’s to create the ultimate powerhouse smoothie!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Back to School Shoe Shopping at Famous Footwear - My Favorite Styles for Pre-K

It's the most wonderful time of the year - Back to School! Halleluiah, mamas! We've almost made it : )

I've been searching for a perfect pair of shoes to send Miss Paige back to school in style. I want something sneaker-like, but that she can also wear with dresses and skirts. I'm really loving the Mary Jane-type sneakers or something with some bling (what 4 year old doesn't love glitter?!). Lucky for me, Famous Footwear has an awesome selection of kids shoes (and adult shoes, of course!) from the top brands. Here's the ones I'm choosing from for Miss Paige:



A special Shout Out for Atlanta -Area Mamas!
Famous Footwear has opened a new store in Suwanee, Georgia, marking its 16th location in the Atlanta market. The 6,000-square-foot store opened on July 23. The new store is located in the John’s Creek Town Center at 3630 Peachtree Parkway.

More Info About Famous Footwear
Famous Footwear is a leading, easy-to-shop footwear destination, featuring brand name merchandise for women, men and children, making it a one-stop-shop for the entire family. Shoppers can access Famous Footwear’s loyalty Rewards program and vast style selection in-store to meet their family’s footwear needs.
Famous Footwear recently launched their new mobile app which gives Rewards members 15 bonus points just for downloading, makes redeeming Rewards points even easier and gives shoppers access to exclusive mobile offers. The Famous Footwear app is available for download today on Google Play and iTunes or simply by texting APP to FAMOUS (326687) to get a mobile link.
Famous Footwear has more than 1,100 stores nationwide as well as an e-commerce site, Famous.com. The chain offers consumers more than 100 nationally recognized brands through its retail stores and website, including Nike, Vans, Converse, Sperry, Skechers, Naturalizer, Steve Madden, madden girl, Franco Sarto, adidas, New Balance, Roxy, Circus by Sam Edelman and Carlos by Carlos Santana. Famous Footwear is also a proud national partner of the March of Dimes.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

10 Signs You May Be A Southern Mama

In the deep South, the only thing sweeter than the tea is your Mama. Not to stereotype (NOTE: I am TOTALLY stereotyping!) but us sassy Southern Mamas seem to have a similar way of doing things. Maybe it's the warm air, the year-round sunshine, or quite possibly, the blonde hair dye has finally permeated into our brains. Whatever the reason, read on to see if you just may be a Southern Mama...

10 Signs You May Be A Southern Mama

10. Your pool or beach bag is from Thirty-One

Most likely, the Large Utility Tote. Possibly paired with a coordinating Thermal Tote. And it may even be embroidered with a cute saying like ”Pool Time!’ or “Beach Bums!”

And all is good until one mama takes it too far…

And a baby ends up sleeping in the Thirty-One pool bag.

9. Your child’s first words were “Go Dawgs!”, “Roll Tide!”, “War Eagle!”, “Woo Pig Sooie!” or some other college football saying

August means one thing – COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON! Your family lives, breathes and LOVES college football. You are always on the hunt for cute and girly football apparel. You choose your friends carefully based on the SEC or ACC flag they are flying outside their homes come fall.

And you’ve already considered what might happen if your son or daughter decides to attend a rival college one day…

8. Speaking of football, you know someone who held their son back a year in school for “Athletics”

We’re not talking about keeping him out of Kindergarten due to educational delays or emotional readiness. We’re talking about future scholarships and draft picks here. Because obviously her son is going to play football.

And that extra year is going to give him the edge over his athletically-weaker, younger competitors. It’s all about the numbers, baby! After all, 6 is the new 5 years old when it comes to boys in Kindergarten!

7. Your child’s first real meal was a Chick-Fil-A nugget

Chick-Fil-A isn’t REAL fast food. Yes, it has a drive-thru. And yes, all meals are served in cardboard or plastic containers. And yes, I’m not cooking it at home. But there is something naturally superior about Chick-Fil-A vs. a place like McDonalds or, even worse, Burger King. They serve really awesome salads, after all! And the nuggets seem so fresh! And the Play Area, well, it’s obviously MUCH cleaner than those typical fast food places (… because they sprinkle their magic Chick-Fil-A Fairy Dust over the entire store at night?)

And let’s keep it real - it’s just not a birthday party without a Chick-Fil-A nugget tray.

6. You considered your child’s future monogram when picking out a name for your child

In the South, a good monogram is worth its weight in sweet tea.

Why? See #5...

5. Your child owns at least 5 pieces of monogrammed and/or embroidered clothing

And, truth be told, 5 is being conservative! We all know that Southern mama who has monogrammed every single item of their child’s clothing – and even named their second (…and third, fourth, etc.) children with the same first initial so monogrammed clothing could be handed down to younger siblings. Many of these monogrammed pieces have cost no less than $50 each and were purchased from Trunk Shows with incredibly cute names like Kelly’s Closet, Shrimp and Grits Kids and Lolly Wolly Doodle.

Monograms make you very happy : )


And once you dip your toe into the monogramming pool, you quickly dive head first into…

4. Smocking

Never heard of smocking? You’re obviously not from the South. Particularly popular choices fall into the Nautical category - crabs, anchors, whales, sailboats. Extra Southern Mama points if you’ve purchased one of these designs smocked on a pair of Shortalls for you son. Or a Bubble for your daughter.

3. You belong to a Tennis Team

Stand outside any Southern Preschool during pick-up time, and at least 75% of mamas will be wearing a Lulu Lemon tennis skirt. Half of those will be wearing them because they are cute and comfy. The other half will have just come from a tennis match.

That’s right – Southern Mama’s LOVE tennis. Lessons, meets, matches – Tennis Teams are the new Book Clubs. A water bottle full of vino optional.

2. You vacation in the Florida Panhandle – Destin, PCB or 30A

Some of your favorite childhood memories were formed on the white sandy beaches of the Panhandle. And now you bring your own family there every year for summertime fun.

At any given time, at least 10 of your Southern Mama Facebook friends will be posting pics from their W. Florida vacay. And you can smell the warm salty air just reading this…. Ahhh.

1. You discipline your children by saying, “No, Sir!” or “No, Ma’am!”

For Southern Mamas, just saying “NO” isn’t enough. Why? Because we use our manners even in the heat of anger. In the same vein as how "bless his/her heart" is used as a sweet, Southern way of saying "They're NUTS!", “No, Ma'am!" and “No, Sir!” is a sweet way of disciplining our children. It can be said gently as you take away something he or she shouldn't be playing with. It can be said with a slight tone paired with a hand slap if they take something that isn't theirs. Or, it can be used in full force with clenched teeth and the evil eye, when they've done something really bad - NO! MA'AM!!


Saturday, June 28, 2014

RadioShack FREEdom Offers from June 29 - July 12: Receive a FREE gift with the purchase on select items

RadioShack and RadioShack.com have great FREEdom Offers from June 29 - July 12 where you'll receive a free gift with the purchase on select items PLUS a special discount for our military troops

Who DOESN'T love scoring an awesome deal on the latest tech gadgets and gear? Here are some great FREEdom offers from the nation's favorite tech and gadget store, RadioShack! In honor of Independence Day, RadioShack and RadioShack.com will be offering free gift with purchase on select items from June 29 to July 12.


My favorite part: As a special thanks to our troops for their service, military personnel - active and reserve - will get 10 percent off store-wide when they show military ID.


Here are the deals I think you'll love:

Wear your national pride with red, white and blue interchangeable SOL REPUBLIC Tracks or Tracks HD Headphones! FREEdom offer: get a FREE SOL REPUBLIC color headband, a $29.00 value when you purchase a pair of SOL REPUBLIC Tracks or Tracks HD Headphones!
Retail Price: $99.99-$129.99

Set the tone of your Independence Day bash with the Motorola Moto Stream and set your music free by turning your receiver, portable speaker or dock into a Bluetooth-enabled device. Heist Mode connects up to five devices with tap to pair NFC and 300-ft. range on a Bluetooth connection. Best of all, it's universally compatible with all Bluetooth devices, so anyone can jump in and drop a track for all to hear. FREEdom offer: get $10 off + $20 Virtual Visa for online-only purchases
Retail Price: $49.00
Up your BBQ game with the Jim Beam Vacuum Seal Marinade Box and Jim Beam 5-Piece Grill Tool Set available at RadioShack.com!
Retail Price: $29.99 - $39.99
Keep your Independence Day celebration going long after the fireworks are over with the Stansport Water Resistant LED Lantern from RadioShack.com!
Retail Price: $32.99







RadioShack FREEdom Offers June 29 to July 12

  • Buy: GS5  GET:  Free 8 MB Memory and portable power bank, a $49.98 value
  • Buy: GS 4  GET:  Free Flip Cover, a $39.99 value (IN-STORE ONLY; no RS.com availability)
  • Buy: 7" Kindle Fire  GET:  Free Stylus (IN-STORE ONLY; no RS.com availability)
  • Buy: Sprint Framily referrals GET:  $75 prepaid VISA card - Here is a scenario to explain: You are on Sprint and have a Framily plan.  You want to add your cousin onto your plan.  You refer your cousin to join your framily plan so you get a better discount.  Your cousin activates a new line of service with Sprint on your framily plan. Then you mail off to get a $75 Visa for referring your cousin to join your Framily.
  • Buy: Sprint Framily Plan  GET:  Free Spotify Premium for 6 months, a $59.94 value
  • Buy: SOL REPUBLIC Tracks or Tracks HD headphones  GET:  Free SOL REPUBLIC color headband, a $29.99 value
  • Buy: 1 Graphic T-shirt from the collection  Get:  Free Graphic T-shirt, a $10 value IN STORE ONLY
  • Buy: Select Boost Mobile no contract phones  GET:  Free JBL Micro II speaker, a $39.99 value
  • Buy: Netgear Wireless Router  GET:  Free $20 RadioShack gift card
  • Buy:  36 pack batteries (AA or AAA)  GET:  Free 4pack LED Flashlights $12.99 value
  • Buy: New Moto Stream  GET:  $10 off + $20 Virtual Visa for online-only purchases (Visa sends you an email with a card number and security code)

Sunday and Monday-only offers, 6/29 and 6/30, including:

  • Buy: 16 GB iPod Touch  GET: Free $50 RadioShack gift card
  • Buy: RC Wasp Indoor helicopter $24.99; regular $49.99, save 25%
  • Buy: Toshiba Canvio 2 TB  portable hard drive $99.99; regular $129.99