Monday, August 31, 2009

The Last Few Days...

Well, the maternal-fetal specialist didn't go smoothly to say the least. It's still a little too fresh to go into detail, but I will tell you my heart broke instantly with the potential news. My husband wasn't there with me because he had back to back meetings, so after my appointment I was all alone. My mind was blank. I literally was numb. When I got in my car, I started crying, and kept crying for who knows how long. I called Daniel and told him what the doctor said - and he said he would meet me at home right away. Then I called my mom, who was at the airport, getting ready to board the plane for Atlanta (the timing was a blessing). For the next 8 hours (until I fell asleep), I felt like I couldn't breathe.

The next morning I decided I needed to go back to the doctor. I didn't feel like they gave me correct information, and I needed a second opinion. By the grace of God, they were able to squeeze me into an afternoon appointment with a different ultrasound tech and perinatologist. The ultrasound tech was MUCH better and significantly more professional. She said she saw what the first ultrasound tech did, but that it was not abnormal or anything that should raise a red flag. The perinatologist did a thorough exam of the baby said the same thing when he came in - there was nothing to worry about.

Ultimately, I think the first ultrasound tech overstepped her role and tried to play doctor. Then, when the first doctor couldn't see anything, she was determined to prove she was right - that she found something "abnormal". I'm still 100% unsettled from the events of the past few days, but I feel confident in the second doctor's screening, and continue to pray that my little baby girl will be healthy.

I think Juno's step-mom said it best in one of the cutest movies of all time:

Bren: What is your job title exactly?
Ultrasound Technician: I'm an ultrasound technician, ma'am.
Bren: Well, I'm a nail technician and I think we both ought to just stick to what we know.

I second that, Bren! : )