Tuesday, November 3, 2009

De Ja Vu of the Worse Kind!

You won't believe it, but it happened again! I should have been prepared for it, but it totally caught be by surprise. Remember that fateful day back in June or July when I picked up my wedding photo thank you cards from the Target Photo Center? And the women behind the counter made that mind-numbing comment about the bride- "Is this your sister? She's so pretty!" And then didn't believe me when I tried to tell her it was me? Well - it happened again yesterday.

I've been trying to check everything off my To Do list before the baby comes. One of the big things has been to frame and hang all our wedding and family photos around the house. Last week I did 95% of it - and yesterday I thought I would knock out the big finale piece... a 20"x30" black and white print from our wedding (LOVE IT!). So I waddle into the framing place with my print. The man behind the counter unrolls it and then... he says it... Brace yourself - it's even worse than last time!... "This is beautiful. What a lovely couple. Are you the photographer?" WHAT?!?!?! At least last time I was in the same FAMILY! This time I'm not even related to the the bride! So I say, "Ha! No. It's me and my husband." And then he says, " Oh. Wow. So you've been holding on to this for a while?" I was a little confused, and then I realized what he was saying - I LOOK TO OLD TO BE THE BRIDE IN THIS PICTURE! Smart man finally realized he was batting 1,000 and dropped it. Good decision : )

So here it is - until I give birth and am back to my normal self - my wedding photos are not making public appearances with strangers. My swollen face, sausage fingers, gray hair and blotchy skin just can't take it anymore!