Thursday, December 17, 2009

TLC: The LIttle Channel?

Maybe I've been watching too much TV since I've been home, but I can't help but notice TLC (The Learning Channel) has a new niche of programming. First came "Little People, Big World". Next - "The Little Couple". Then came "The Little Parents". And now - "The Little Choclatiers" about a little family that owns a chocolate-making business. And just yesterday, while watching "A Baby Story", I saw an ad for yet ANOTHER little people show - "Dwarf Adoption".

Now, I have absolutely NO problem with little people. But isn't TLC's influx of little-themed programming a little odd? It's like "Little People, Big World" was such a big hit that they said - "Hmmm... next season, let's focus all our new shows on little people! Go out and find them, and no matter what they are doing, we will create a show about it! Living an average life in Houston, TX? Perfect! Having a baby? Great! Making chocolate? HUGE!"

Anyone else notice TLC's new programming niche?