Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's a....

GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!

Paul McCartney + Rain = 2nd Woodstock

I won tickets to the Paula McCartney "green" concert through work - woo hoo! But I have to admit, my husband and I are not huge Paul McCartney fans. My last concert was Justin Timberlake, and my husband's was Up in Smoke 2 - Jay Z, Dr. Dre, Eminem. So the thought of heading out to a massive field to watch Paul McCartney with the hippies was definitely an adventure for us. But I figured it was a once in a lifetime experience, and the baby's first concert should be a memorable one! So we went, blanket and pillow in tow. No chairs allowed. No umbrellas allowed either. We staked our spot in Piedmont Park with a blanket around 6:00 - music was scheduled to begin at 7:00. It had to have been at least 100 degrees outside in Hotlanta that day. We were absolutely BAKING in the sun. Did I mention we aren't really outdoors people? Luckily, the sun started to go down as the opening band came out. They were an Irish band -- not too memorable because I really can't remember their names. As they wrapped up, the winds started to blow and the sky turned an ominous shade of gray. We both got really excited when Paul McCartney took the stage just as dusk was settling in. He sang his first song, which surprisingly we both recognized - "Drive my Car". Then it happened -- the sky opened up and it started to POUR RAIN! Not just a little bit of rain either -- it was an instant torrential downpour!! We wrapped ourselves in the blanket, but it didn't help much. We were both drenched down to our skin. We stayed for about 5 or 6 more songs (none of which we knew) and then had to hit the road. I was shivering, miserable and people started acting a fool. By this point, it had been raining for about an hour, so there was a good layer of mud throughout the park. As we walked to the exit, we had to dodge around people of all ages playing slip-and-slide in the mud. YUCK! It was the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock that day, and people were living it up!

So, ultimately we had a good time at the concert. We were glad we went. Definitely the "once in a lifetime" experience we were thinking it would be. And the baby enjoyed it and was dancing around in my belly the whole time. But now you know how I most likely got sick... that's why I like the indoors. Dry. Safe. No mud. : )