Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Up the Prego Fashion Creek Without a Paddle

I'm really getting frustrated with the lack of reasonably priced, stylish maternity clothes. SERIOUSLY! And as I spent way too long this morning sifting through my closet for something to wear, I got to thinking: why does it feel SO much harder to find cute prego wear this time around? And then I realized... because last time I didn't WEAR maternity clothes (other than jeans and some dresses). Last year's fashion trend in tops was "long." A few extra inches were added to regular tops, which made them PERFECT to wear for maternity purposes. Those few inches added the necessary coverage over any size baby bump. But this year? Everything is CROPPED! NOOOOOOOOOO! I went into American Eagle the other day to pick up some new hoodies (I know what you're thinking - and I know I'm not 15 anymore... but they are just so comfy and cute for under $20!) and after I went through about 5 different styles, holding them up to see if they reached over my baby bump, I finally asked the sales person - "Are these a lot shorter than they used to be?" And she replied in an overly-chipper tone - "Yes! Definitely! The style this year is to wear everything cropped at the waist..." Hmmmm... interesting. I don't mind this style any other time of the year (note: with a longer tank or shirt underneath - def no belly baring going on around here!) but not while I'm PREGO! Can you imagine a prego walking around with the bottom part of her belly exposed? OMG! Pardon me while I go vomit... So anyway, I've pretty much given up on finding regular clothes to fit my prego bod. But that leaves me with a terrible fate - shopping only in the(cue dramatic music)maternity sections. Gross. Sorry, but if I don't wear floral prints, empire waists, shirts that tie into a bow in the back, pastels, bedazzled goofy sayings across my chest (i.e. "Rub My Belly for Good Luck"), tents, tie-dye, head to toe corduroy, denim or velour, etc. while I'm not prego - why in the world would I want to wear them NOW? C'mon people. So back to my standard prego uniform of leggings, Uggs and some stretched out shirts from last time around... so if you see me out and about, please don't judge : )