Wednesday, October 14, 2009

B.Y.O.G.: Bring Your Own Gown

At my baby shower a few weeks ago, I expressed a deep, dark secret - hospital gowns! My best friends completely understood (although not yet mamas themselves) how gross a hospital gown may be. One of my friends is a nurse, and confirmed that the gowns are reused from patient to patient. Washed, of course. But STILL! The experienced mamas in the room (my mom and MIL) thought I was nuts. They said that is the last thing I'll be thinking about while giving birth. I agree with them, but I'd rather feel 100% comfortable (I'm big on atmospheric influences affecting my mood - smells, lighting, etc.) than be grossed out by a skeezy, scratchy, previously-used hospital gown. Soooo... I've decided to make my own. I know I'm not the only one because there is a booming B.Y.O.G. market online. But man, they sure expensive! Plus, I want a specific style (yes, for function!). All the one on line look like hospital gowns made out of pretty fabric - zebra, leopard, flowers, etc. Gorgeous! But I'm not big on being surrounded by tons of loose fabric while laying down. I always feel like the fabric is going to engulf and suffocate me. SO, my BIG idea... (drum roll please)... is to take the top portion of a nursing tank (pictured below), and then sew on a large skirt-like bottom. I'll keep it open in the back, and put ribbon ties for closures. This way, I'll have tight support on top (zero suffocation), and built in convenience for immediate breastfeeding once the bambino arrives. I created a very loose visual below for reference... what do you think??