Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome Paige Karolina!

On December 26th at 6:03 PM, my angel arrived.

Paige Karolina
8 lbs 8 oz
21 3/4 inches

More details to come! 

Friday, December 25, 2009

It's On!

After 39 weeks and two days, we're FINALLY going to have this baby!!! It started with a scare yesterday (another TIA /mini stroke)and then a rush into the hospital. After all that had happened we decided it was time to bring this little girl into the world! One roadblock: heparin. I had taken heparin at 10 am that morning, and unless a dyer emergency, won't start anything until at least 12 hours had past. So at midnight last night we got started - had the Cervadel inserted. It is a cervical ripening agent that works to thin out the cervix prior to the pitocin drip. At around noon they are going to take that out and start pitocin. Then we'll just need to wait and see how quickly my body moves. I'm thinking she'll be making her big arrival around 9 or 10 tonight- we'll see!!!! Can't wait to meet my Christmas angel! I will be sure to keep everyone posted and will post pics asap : )

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dropped Like a Hot Potato and Other Interesting Developments

As I wind down to the end of my pregnancy, I've been noticing some interesting developments. First, my belly totally "dropped" yesterday. Or at least it sure looks like it did. I snuck out of the house to pick a few last minute Christmas presents, and just as I was leaving Dick's Sporting Goods, I felt a big release inside my belly. Kind of like a thud, but with no sound : ) I looked down and noticed my belly has completely changed shape. It wasn't cute and round anymore - now it was low and oblong. Very strange. I can't really wear the shirts I've been able to get away with for so long now because my baby belly sticks out underneath. Hopefully this is a sign of her imminent arrival.

Second new development... I looked in the mirror last week and saw that my roots are coming in MUCH darker than usual. Yes, there is still gray inter-mixed (BOO!) but my hair is usually a mousy brown, and it's coming in a deep chocolate color. I've heard pregnancy can change the texture of your hair - but the color? Maybe its God's way of preparing me so I actually look like my baby is related to me : ) At least we'll have the same hair color. And chin.

Third development... Insomnia. I usually head up to bed around 10:00 each night, watch some TV, then dose off around 10:45 - 11:00. Well - I can't seem to fall asleep lately until close to midnight, and then I wake up bright eyed at 3 a.m.! From 3-6 a.m. I wander around the house, doing laundry, cleaning, paying bills - then I get tired again around 6:15 and head back to bed. Not fun. But I'm thinking my body is preparing for being up all hours of the night with the little one.

Fourth development... Taking time for myself. Over the last week, I realized that I will soon have a sidekick with me wherever I go. You're probably thinking: Yeah, DUH! But seriously, it finally dawned on me that this is the last week of life as I currently know it, and have known it for the last 26 years. So I've really been savoring it. I've been taking the time to blowdry and style my hair each morning - which is something I really haven't done due to the hot flashes since I became prego. On Monday I went and got a manicure, pedicure AND eyebrow wax. SO relaxing (and I need to look good in the hospital photos : ) ) On Tuesday AND Wednesday I went out to lunch by myself. I know this sounds crazy, but I have never really done that before. I always thought it would be uncomfortable to sit at a table by myself. But it wasn't uncomfortable at all! I actually really enjoyed the people watching.

So that's life right now. Fingers crossed I go into natural labor over the next few days. If not, the doctors decided it would be best for them to induce me on Sunday/Monday. I can't believe it's almost time. The last nine months have literally felt like a LIFETIME - but now that my baby's arrival is right around the corner, it feels like time is flying by. Ready or not, here comes the next chapter in life!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

TLC: The LIttle Channel?

Maybe I've been watching too much TV since I've been home, but I can't help but notice TLC (The Learning Channel) has a new niche of programming. First came "Little People, Big World". Next - "The Little Couple". Then came "The Little Parents". And now - "The Little Choclatiers" about a little family that owns a chocolate-making business. And just yesterday, while watching "A Baby Story", I saw an ad for yet ANOTHER little people show - "Dwarf Adoption".

Now, I have absolutely NO problem with little people. But isn't TLC's influx of little-themed programming a little odd? It's like "Little People, Big World" was such a big hit that they said - "Hmmm... next season, let's focus all our new shows on little people! Go out and find them, and no matter what they are doing, we will create a show about it! Living an average life in Houston, TX? Perfect! Having a baby? Great! Making chocolate? HUGE!"

Anyone else notice TLC's new programming niche?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hypertension Scare Will Give Me Hypertension

Enough already! I think I have gone through enough during this pregnancy - I'm ready to get this show on the road and be a Mama! Here's what happened:

On Monday morning, I went to the Perinatologist for my weekly ultrasound. The Thursday before, they found that my fluid was significantly lower than previously and wanted to monitor it. So on Monday, I was a little anxious that they would find that the fluids were lower. Ends up they weren't - they were the same as the previous appointment. So that was a relief! However, my blood pressure was significantly higher than usual. It's usually 120/65-ish consistently, and on Monday it was 135/85. Also, during the ultrasound, Baby wasn't moving as much as she should have been. So, the doctor decided I needed to go to the hospital and be monitored for potential hypertension/preeclampsia. So off I went for a 24-hour stay. On the walk over, I took a look at the paperwork from the doctor and it said "Recommendation: Deliver for Preeclampsia". WHAT?! Is this the way I'm being told I'm about to be induced?

I was admitted to an L&D room around 11:00 a.m., and was hooked up to he monitors. I was also told that I would need to "save my urine" for a 24-hour period. Ummm - EW! I had to pee in what they referred to as a "hat", and then dump that into this large container. It was really gross to say the least. They use it to test for protein in urine (which is another sign of preeclampsia).

Throughout the day, my blood pressure kept going up - as high as 141/86 - and then back down. Daniel came to sit with me, and we notified our families that the Baby could be on the way!

The next day I got up, took a shower, and got in the right mindset to be induced and give birth. I wasn't being given any information to the contrary, so I figured I might as well be mentally prepared. My 24-hour urine collection test results came back around noon - and then we sat there until 3:30 p.m. waiting for the doctor to stop by with the results. Ends up there was protein in my urine - but at a count of 192. 300 would mean preeclampsia. So the doctor then said - "Ok. You can go home. But you need to be on bedrest."

Wait a second - I sat here for 36 hours just to go home?! No baby?! No induction?! I know it was a good thing that I didn't have hypertension/preeclampsia and there was no danger for the Baby, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed that I wasn't going to be delivering that day. After all this time, I thought this was finally it. But it wasn't. It was just a false alarm.

So Daniel and I headed home, physically and emotionally exhausted. The last 36 hours had been such a roller coaster - and it felt strange to be coming home without the Baby in our arms. Luckily she is still in my belly, but we were both bummed. We're READY whenever she is!

I've decided that once I do finally give birth, its going to be a LONG time before I go to the doctor again. I'm tired of people poking and prodding at me without providing information. Doctors don't understand how hard it is for patients - they give us limited information, and then leave us to connect the dots and figure out what it all means. And of course, 95% of the time the patient connects the wrong dots and jumps to conclusions. I used to think it was crazy when people said they were having a home birth, or decided to avoid hospitals. But not anymore. Hospitals stink (figuratively and literally - what is up with the putrid hand soap they have there?!).

I'm not going back to the hospital until I'm in full labor, contractions 2 minutes apart. I can't stand the thought of going back to that place and the lack of information. I know my body, and I need to trust my instincts about what is going on. No blood pressure cuff can replace that. God is the only one who knows when my Baby is going to arrive - I'll wait until he puts it all in motion.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Neighborhood Watch

Let me start by saying that when I was a child, I always dreamed of becoming an FBI agent. The mystery. The suspence. The danger. It was so alluring! That was until I realized that at the age of 17, I was still afraid of the dark. I'm pretty sure you can't be afraid of the dark and be an FBI agent. And even though I'm still afraid of the dark (I blame it on all those scary movies and books I read!) I still think of myself as quite the detective. So, now that I've clarified that I'm not just a crazy, nosey neighbor, but instead a seasoned sleuth, I can move on with my story : )

I've been on "house arrest" since 30 weeks, and have used that time to rest, clean, exercise (relatively speaking), and get ready for baby by watching the overly informative Discovery Health channel. I've also gotten to know some of my neighbors. One in particular fashions himself as quite the Don Juan. He's in his 40s, but thinks he's in his 20s - or I should say tries to act as he thinks someone in their 20s would. Loud parties all weekend, joy riding through the neighborhood in his cool white truck, and blasting bass-thumping music all day long! But the most interesting thing about Mr. Don Juan is his roster of girlfriends that he spirals through his home like a Lazy Susan. I've started to recognize a pattern based on the girls' cars. White Eclipse I'd Sunday and Monday, Gold Volvo is usually Tuesday. GV really fashions herself as the housewife, cleaning up, taking the trash out, putting a Christmas tree up - she must think this is the way to his heart. Then there is Silver CRV who usually makes an appearance on Thursdays, and Friday is left for Black Mazda. Saturday is left open for rest, I guess : ). The funniest thing about this is the fact that they are the only ones who take his dog outside to pee! That's how I started to realize that it truly is 4 different women - not one woman with 4 different cars. Every time I see them outside, each waves and smiles like we are old friends. I wave back. But I am dying to spill the beans! That's why I am doing it here : )

On Monday, there was a close call for Mr. Don Juan. I went to walk Lenni around the block and saw White Eclipse getting in her car to leave. It takes me exactly 12 minutes to walk around the block, and by the time I got back, Gold Volvo was pulling into the driveway! She's the Tuesday girl! Oh what I would have given to see GV pull up with WE still there ; ) Or any of them for that matter. It's my weekly soap opera. More updates to come... Especially when he gets caught! I'm sure I'll be able to hear the gunshots : )

Monday, December 7, 2009

Baby's Favorite Sounds

Some soon to be mamas play Mozart for their babies. They say it helps improve brain function once they are outside the womb. I wonder what the things my baby reacts to will mean for her brain development? : ) I say that because there are two distinct sounds that make my baby wiggle around, and it isn't Mozart! The first sound is my laugh. She loves it! As soon as I start laughing, she goes wild! The second sound is a little more interesting... It's the chimes that ring as I play my new favorite iPhone game - Chain Rxn. As soon as I start playing, she gets sooooooo excited and litterally starts jumping around. Your probably thinking - "well how often do you play this game?" Let me tell you - ALOT! But it's not because I'm a major gamer or arcade enthusiast. It's because I've been trying to become a more patient person. Being patient involves alot of waiting around. And while I'm waiting around - in lines, at an appoinent, for water to boil - I have started to play this Chain Rxn (reaction) game. And I must admit - I am good!! : ) But now my unborn baby thinks the chimes of a big win is her personal dance mix! Don't think I'll have as much time to play once she is here, but I may have to let her hear the chimes at least a few times to see how she'll react! My laugh, now that's not going anywhere, and something she will hopefully be hearing for a long long time!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Walk It Out

At a little over 36 weeks, I've decided it's time to take matters into my own hands and induce labor : ) My method of choice? Walking. A lot. I've extended my daily walk with my puppy from 1 mile to 3 to 4 miles. I walk up hills, down hills, and everything in between. And I actually think it may be working! I went to the perinatologist today and they said my baby has pushed her way down deeper into my pelvis, and is now pushing her head against my cervix. Woo hoo! And even if it doesn't work, I figure its a win-win situation - I'll be in better shape for the BIG PUSH! I've had the date of December 17th floating through my mind since the beginning - it will be interesting to see if mama's intuition is right!