Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Help with Biracial Baby Hair!

How Miss Paige really feels about her hair this morning
You know you've seen it. A mama and her biracial baby out in the supermarket, at the park, at the mall - baby's hair slicked back to the extreme, tied with a rubberband, and a big poof of unruly hair  at the end as a sorry exuse for a "ponytail" or sometimes even two poofs - "pigtails". Those poofs are the universal symbol of defeat. Hair -1, Mama - 0. After trying to figure out their biracial baby's curly hair, these mamas threw in the towel and did all they knew how to do - slick that sucker back into a poof. And I really can't blame them! I'm in the throes of it right now. But I'm not raising the white flag in defeat yet. I'm determined to figure this out! I can't let Miss Paige rock the poof ponytail!!

So I'm sending out an official S.O.S to mamas of biracial babies. HELP! Miss Paige's curly hair is getting more unruly by the day. What used to be a head full of soft, flowing curls is turning into a true hot mess of hair - crazier, frizzier and knottie than ever beforer. I've tried using my own products for curly/wavy hair on her but the result is disastrous - a total grease fest. Greasy dreadlocks, basically. Nice, huh? I can comb it out after her baths at night and usually apply a detangler on it. But when she wakes up in the morning after a night of rolling around, it looks like a bird's nest. Literally. It's so bad that she actually hides things in her hair - crayons, her breakfast... anything she wants to hold on to for later, she puts inside her hair. Hilarious, but definitely problematic : )

So, I've done a bit of research and I'm thinking of trying the "Mixed Chicks" products on her. They are a line of hair products made specifically for mixed race hair. GENIUS! But has anyone tried them? Do they really work? Or is it just a gimmick to get desperate mamas like me to spend $13.00 for a bottle of kid's shampoo?The products that work on my hair just aren't cutting it for Miss Paige - so I'm thinking something made specifically for her hair type might do the trick.
Any suggestions from mamas who have figured out the biracial hair conundrum? Products? Methods for styling? HELP!!