Sunday, July 19, 2009

Old Wives Tales

The other day I was looking in the mirror when I noticed a new brown mark on the side of my face. Usually I would freak out (not another pimple!!) but this time I jumped for joy! I immediately Googled “Pregnancy AND Old Wives Tales” to see if my memory served me correctly – that a baby girl will “steal your beauty” and many women will get a brown mark on their face for every girl they deliver. Google didn’t deliver the results I was hoping for, so I went to the next best source – my mom. She confirmed the old wives tale, and I was elated! Can you tell I was hoping for a baby girl? Not that I wouldn’t be excited with a baby boy, but I think I may be way over-protective for a boy. I’d always be worried about him falling down, roughhousing, and so on. You know – doing boy stuff. So after I convinced myself I was having a girl, I looked into two more old wives tales – first, the Chinese Birth Chart. Results? Boy. Then I did the test where I put the ring over my belly and see what way it swings. As much as I willed the ring to swing in circles, it only swung back and forth – which means boy! So now I’m back to square one. Guess I’ll have to wait until August 17th to find out!