Hey mamas! Thanks so much for checking out my blog. I LOVE writing it! I started after I was asked to post a "Pregnancy Journal" on TheBump.com in July 2009. I realized that there are a lot of crazy things that happen when you are prego - and I figured that with all the women in the world, I certainly couldn't be the only one that this happened to (or at least I hoped not)!

My goal in writing this blog is three-fold: 1. Be 100% honest in sharing the highs and not-so-highs of mommyhood; 2. Connect with other mamas so we can feed off of the support and experiences of each other; and 3. Document these experiences before my mind turns to mommy-mush

I try to post a few times a week, but sometimes that just doesn't happen. If I have 10 minutes free during the day I have to make a choice... blog or take a shower. I weigh how stinky I am or how many times Paige/Deacon puked on me that day against how bad I need to share or vent : )

Here are a few more tidbits in case you care to know:
  • Real name: Erica
  • Age: 33 (Aries)
  • Born in: New York
  • Currently live in: Atlanta, GA
  • Children: One baby girl - Paige Karolina - born December 26, 2009 (aka Sissy); One baby boy - Deacon James - born June 17, 2011 (aka Lil D, the Big D, Deac, Deekster, Mr. Chipmunk); One fur baby (dog) named Lenni Briscoe (aka LuLu, Lenster, Len Len, Boo Boo)
  • Husband: Daniel
  • Former occupation: PR executive
  • Current occupation: stay-at-home mama, blogger, artist (www.sweetleighmama.com)
  • Fav color: yellow
  • Fav holiday: Thanksgiving
  • Fav quote: "You can turn off the sun, but I'm still gonna shine..." - Gavin DeGraw song
  • Passions: anything artistic and expressive - make-up, painting, decorating, writing, fashion
  • Want to know something else? Just ask! sweetleighmama@gmail.com