Tuesday, October 13, 2009

If It Walks Like a Duck... It Might Be A Prego!

Week 29 has brought on a new development - the prego waddle. I think I've been doing this for a while in order to keep my balance, but now I'm waddling around just to get through the day. Becasue of all my medical qualifications (aka NADA), I've determined that the baby has gotten into a head down position, and each day works her way further and further down. Why do I think this? Imagine the weight of a watermelon pushing down on your va-jay-jay from the inside. Each day, the pressure gets a little stronger, and the watermelon gets wedged in a little further. It's not pain per se, but just maaaaaaajorly uncomfortable. All the pregos (or mamas) know exactly what I am talking about. It almost feels that if you don't walk slowly and take your steps gingerly, something may fall out. Hence, the waddle walk. You have to stay in just the right position while in motion - clenched up to put it nicely. This new development has also slowed me down a bit. OK, a lot. No more laps around the office. I strategically plan my movements, trying to get the most accomplished on each journey to and from my office. 8 more weeks to go... think I could get away with using one of those electric scooters??