Sunday, September 6, 2009

Scrap it Up!

I had a sudden undeniable urge yesterday (no, not for an ice cream sundae!)... to go to Hobby Lobby!! I decided that I needed to jump in with two feet and begin scrapbooking for the baby. I got an adorable book, tons of papers and lots of stickers. In a past life, I crisscrossed the country with the Queen of Scrapbooking - Sandi Genovese. Seriously, I did! She was a spokesperson for one of my clients, so I had the awesome job of going to scrapbooking expos and conventions all over the US and setting up her workshops. SOO fun! Because of that "insider knowledge" I gathered from Sandi over 12 months, I feel as if my scrapbook needs to be of her caliber. So far, not so much. But I'm working on it! I don't think Sandi ever had glue leak out the sides of her paper. Or curling edges from too much glue. Glue seems to be the enemy. I need to invest in those glue dots she always used. Maybe next weekend!