Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Creative Minds Are Rarely Tidy

Creativity runs in my family. My mom always had a sewing room filled to the brim with crafts, fabrics, buttons, thread - you name it, you could find it in this room. My grandma was the same way. My mind is always racing with ideas for projects, crafts, artwork - it's hard to shut off the creativity switch sometimes (and Pinterest doesn't help the situation - "just one more 'Find More Pins' and then I'll go to sleep....").

So when it comes to Miss Paige and her artistic flair, I can't help but support and encourage it - I love to see her little mind working as she creates a new piece of art for the fridge. But no one ever said creativity is a clean sport - just take a look at my kids' playroom.

There is a big possibility that I may have let the freedom of creative expression go a wee bit too far yesterday. I will not confirm nor deny the fact that I may have let Miss Paige run wild with a set of Crayola markers yesterday while I took some time to sketch. And she may or may not have taken her passion for coloring beyond the paper, past the easle... and onto every inch of her body that wasn't covered with clothing. I know I should have stopped her, scolded her for the billionth time for not staying on the paper. But sometimes creativity just has to flow - it can't be stopped. Sometimes you have to throw caution (and cleanliness in my case) to the wind. I understand the need to create - it's like an itch you just have to scratch - and so I plead the 5th on whether or not I pretended I didn't see what she was doing back in that playroom. I saw her keep peering over, seeing if I was going to stop her or scold her (like I usually do for such offenses). She would take a marker and run it up and down her arm, creating stripes. Polka dots on her bare legs. Each finger was a different color. The joy in her eyes was electric! When she was done with her "creation" she ran into the kitchen to show me - the biggest smile I have ever seen plastered on her face. She stood with her arms and legs spread wide. When I told her how fantastic and beautiful it was, she began jumping up and down, squealing with happiness. She was so proud of herself! I should have taken a picture, but before I could grab the camera she was back in the playroom, engrossed in her Elmo matching cards. So I took a few wet wipes and cleaned up the evidence of 'Paigey Gone Wild' before Daniel got home from work.

I probably shouldn't have let her do that. It wasn't the 'responsible mommy' thing to do. But I just couldn't help myself! Heck - sometimes I want to paint and draw all over my body too!

Besides - I'm pretty certain that's why they invented washable markers anyway : )