Monday, October 18, 2010

Mom Jeans

My husband accused me of something so horrific, so vile, it's hard to even write about... He said I'm only one step away from (Cue dramatic music...) MOM JEANS! Here's what happened...

Yesterday, we were driving home after church and in bumper to bumper traffic. As we sat there, I started to admire the "rear decor" on the SUV in front of us. She had all sorts of stickers representing her life - the stick people family, a South Carolina palm tree and crescent moon, a "13.1" sicker for the half-marathon she ran (which, BTW, seems to be a new mandatory past time for women ages 25-35. Everyone I know is talking about what half-marathon/5K they are training for... right?!) And the highlight for me was her license plate frame. It was a decorative one, with blue and green polka dots. I thought it was adorable. I took out my iPhone and started to search for it online to see how much it cost. My husband - who obviously knows me better than I know myself - looked over and said, "Why don't you just search for some mom jeans why you're in there." Here is the conversation that followed:


Daniel: I know you are looking for that license plate frame. And if you get that, you're only one step away from mom jeans. I'm just sayin'...

Me: No way! That frame is adorable! There is nothing "mom jeans" about it!

Daniel: Yeah, ok! (note the sarcasm). Two years ago, the young fashionista I knew NEVER would have put that on her car. You're going down a slippery slope my friend.

Me: Whatever! (that's pretty much all I could muster up for a response... I know - pretty lame)

Daniel: It's not like I care, but I wanted to intervene because I know how much YOU care...

Me: Whatever.

So for the rest of the ride home, I really could not figure out why liking that adorable license plate frame made me mom jeans-esque. And there, I believe, lies the problem! I'm so close to jumping head first into mom jean mania, that I can't even differentiate the line. So what's a mama to do? I ran directly (did not pass go, did not collect $200) to Old Navy and bought a second pair of Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans. So basically - my mind my be going the way of mom jeans, but I'm going to try and hold on - kicking and screaming - to my former self. Let's see how long that lasts... : )