Monday, April 19, 2010

PTO Chic

I've dubbed my new mama style: P.T.O. Chic. What does PTO Chic mean? Well, let me tell you...
  • cute, comfortable, stylish - for the mama on the go
  • casual enough to run errands, but pulled-together enough to meet up with other mamas for lunch
  • fun and chic, but respectable enough to attend a PTO meeting without getting looks from the other mamas... you would be nominated for to chair the social committee or bake sale, but probably not for president : )
  • accentuating the good (toned arms from carrying 16 lbs of baby around) while masking the not-so-good (like the post-prego muffin top belly)

So how have I been bringing this concept to life?

Look 1:
  • short, flowy dresses - but not too short that you can't bend over to pick up a dropped binky
  • flats in hot colors - of course basic black and brown, but pops of unexpected color like royal blue, sunshine yellow and pink... cute flip flops also work (with a pedi of course)
  • a cropped denim jacket - in case the AC is on too high or you feel like a little arm coverage
  • bright cardigans - colors like yellow, teal, purple can add a splash of color to a neutral sundress... scrunch up the sleeves to create a more casual look
Look 2:
  • skinny jeans - these are a staple in any wardrobe
  • knee-length denim shorts - AHH! Ok, gasp! I know, I know... usually a faux pas. But if you wear them right (fit, color), they can work
  • denim skirt - short or knee length will work
  • men's button down shirts - bright colors, plaids... at least one size bigger so it's flowy... roll up the sleeves and pop the collar
  • wide belts - brown and black will do.... put them around the men's shirts to cinch the waist
It's fun and it works. And best of all -- it's easy to wash, dry and wear. No ironing necessary!