Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Modeling Inner Beauty

How do we teach our daughters about TRUE beauty, when they are bombarded over and over again by images, messages and impressions of FAUX beauty? They see us get ready each and every morning... Fix up our hair and slather on make-up to cover up our imperfections. Suck in our bellies as we look in the mirror. Read books and magazines designed to "improve" us - to fix us. We know that isn't the right message to send our precious baby girls. But how can you put the idea of "true beauty" - the beauty that comes from the inside, out - into words a child can understand?

So I came across a bible verse (on Pinterest, of course) and turned it into a sign that I'm not only going to hang in my daughter's room next to her mirror... but also next to my own mirror.

Now.. don't you just love yourself a little more than you did before reading it?