Thursday, April 28, 2011

Packing My Hospital Bag

In the 16 months that passed since I gave birth to Miss Paige, I've gotten significantly wiser. No, not about everything - I still only wash my face once a day, I drink way too much caffeine (when I'm not prego) and I still despise folding laundry. 16 months can't produce a miracle, after all! : ) But I have gotten smarter about packing a suitcase. Instead of throwing in every variation of an outfit I own just in case I feel like wearing it, I've streamlined the process. I take the time to think through what I'll actually be doing on the trip and go with the basics. This is a major step for someone who used to pack a separate suitcase just for shoes (My justification: I have size 10 feet! How were those suckers gonna fit in with all the clothes?!)

So this week during Paige's "nap-nap sleepytime" I'm putting together my hospital bag so it's ready in case of any craziness going on between now and mid-June - and if I do say so myself, it's VERY practical (not normally a term most would use to describe me). Here's what is in there so far:

  • Three stretchy tanktops (That allow for easy-access breastfeeding. Left at home: The nursing camisoles I just HAD to have last time - that ended up being so darn tight I could barely breathe, let alone produce an adequate milk supply.)
  • Three pairs of pajama shorts (Technically men's boxer shorts. Replacing my multiple nightgowns and cute sleepwear... I don't sleep in that stuff as it is for fear of it wrapping around my body like a boa constrictor - so my normal sleepwear should be just fine.)
  • One pair of rubber flip flops (Last time around I brought cute slippers. Upon my arrival home they immediately hit the trash can because I couldn't stand the thought of bringing grimy hospital floor grossness into my house. These flip flops can be bleached and sprayed with a hose before reentry.)
  • One lightweight robe (I brought my big comfy wooly red and leopard print one last time - I had it on for 0.2 seconds when I experienced a post-partum hot flash for the first time.)
  • My breast pump (Things don't start flowing as quickly when you have a planned C-section... gotta get those juices flowing! Also included are sterilization bags and storage bottles.)
  • Boppy (A single piece of cotton inserted into a pillow case does not constitute a pillow.)
  • Toiletries (I think this goes beyond saying - everyone needs to bring their own soap, shampoo, conditioner, facewash, razor, toothbrush and toothpaste... I just got sliced open for goodness sake - mama needs some comfort.)
And now for a few things I deem necessary - but may seem impractical for some:
  • My own handsoap (Nothing grosses me out more than the smell of hospital handsoap - so I'm bringing my own. Bath and Body Works' Coconut Lime Verbena to be exact. Don't worry - it's anti-bacterial : )  )
  • Febreeze (Last time around I smuggled in a relaxation candle - it was confiscated within the hour : (  This time I'm bringing something a little more "legal and hospital friendly" to help freshen up the room.)
  • Miralax (Whatever they gave me last time didn't work - like, at all. I wasn't able to poop for days until I took some Miralax. As for the prune juice? You can still bring it to the room - my husband enjoys it's putrid flavor.)
And I think that's it... Anything I'm forgetting??