Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Uuuugh! Other than morning sickness during the first trimester, this is the first time I've been sick during my pregnancy. YUCK! Woke up Sunday with a a sore throat, stuffy nose and massive headache. Turned into chills and a fever by that evening. Of course my mind ran to the worst case scenario -- N1H1 virus!!! But luckily it isn't : ) Went to the doctor on Monday morning and they confirmed it was just a bad head cold. And my blood pressure was good too, which was one of the biggest concerns due to the headaches I was having. So here I am, medication-free, trying to sleep off this illness. The baby must know I was worried about him/her -- he/she has been doing massive flips for the past two days, all day long. I think he/she is saying -- "It's ok mommy! I'm fine in here! No sickness for meeeee!" : )

BTW - Find out tomorrow morning if the bay is a boy or girl. Can't wait!!!