Friday, September 11, 2009

Another Day, Another Scare

Pregnancy makes me jumpy. But I think my fears and apprehension are for good cause - I do have a baby growing inside me after all! Yesterday I went to the restroom and had the dreaded "spotting". I've never had spotting before in my life, so I immediately thought the worse. When I called my doctor to ask what I should do, she said I needed to come in immediately. That scared me even more! Like a bat out of hell, I barreled up to the doctor's office. They took swabs, shined lights and felt around. Luckily, everything was intact - right where it should be. Then they did an ultrasound and the baby was waving at us : ) She was saying "You fool! I'm fine! Just chillin'." Ends up I have a vaginal infection of some sort which caused the spotting. Reason number 6 why traveling isn't a good idea for pregos: Travel + lack of sleep + stress + lots of people with their germs = weakened immune system. She gave me an anti-biotic prescription and on I went. Come on baby -- only 16 more weeks until you'er here. Hang tight and grow big. We're ready for ya!