Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's Gotta Be One of the Two: A Boy or a Girl

T minus 11 days until we find out the gender of baby #2. Everyone keeps asking me if I think it's a boy or a girl... and I honestly have no idea! Every time I think I know, something happens and I start thinking the opposite. Here is my "research" so far...

Gender Prediction Charts
According to's Gender Prediction chart, this baby will be a girl. BUT... that same chart said Paige would be a boy. So was it just wrong with Paige? Or is it always wrong? All official "Chinese Gender Prediction" chart says this baby will be a boy. And that one was right for Paige, and all of my friends (except for my sister... it said girl, and she is having a boy).

Old Wives' Tales
The telltale sign that confirmed I was having a girl weeks before the actual ultrasound confirmation was the brown mark that appeared on my face. The same thing happened to my mom while she was pregnant with my sister and then with me. But I haven't gotten any brown spots yet. So that means it must be a boy, right? But I HAVE gotten two fat deposits (little white pimple looking things) in the last two weeks.. one under each eye. I read that those marks may also signal a girl is on the way.

The Swinging Ring
Have you heard the gender test where you tie your ring to a lock of hair and hold it over your belly? If it moves in a circular motion, then you are having a girl. If it moves like a pendulum, then it means you are having a boy. I just tired it out and it swung from side to side like a pendulum. Check one for the BOY box, right? Well... not so fast my friend. It swung the same way for Miss Paige back in August 2009 (I checked my blog archives).

So can you tell why I really have NO idea on the gender of this baby? We'll know for sure on January 6. I have a fun way to let you all know, too : ) So stay tuned...