Thursday, January 28, 2010


I knew I wanted to order my birth announcements from before I was even prego : ) Their site is gorgeous, and their announcements are totally adorable. Little did I know that they are also the BEST people to work with!! I took pictures of Paige last week, uploaded the photo into the announcement and submitted my order. Once I submitted, I had a bad feeling that the photo may be kind of blurry - but at that point, I figured it was too late. Two days later I received a voicemail from TinyPrints - they were letting me know that the photo I submitted WAS blurry, and instead of just processing the order and taking my money, they were giving me the chance to resubmit another photo. SERIOUSLY!? I have never experienced that level of customer service. It was surreal. So I submitted another photo the next day - and again got a call that the photo was blurry. This time they even took the time to explain WHY they thought it was blurry and give me tips on taking the perfect photo. I took their advice (I needed to make sure the flash was on and not too much extra light) and got a few more great shots. However - I had a dilemma. See, Paige has come down with a case of baby acne - YIKES! And it's not just a pimple or two - it's serious acne. BOO! (Come to find out after a little research that it's from my raging post-prego hormones - sorry, Paige!). I submitted the pictures anyway, and asked if they had any suggestions on minimizing the acne. Just two hours later I received a proof - they retouched off the acne!!! They also felt the picture would look best in sepia tone, so they did that too. The announcement is ADORABLE! I'm so happy with the results - and the amazing, caring customer service I received from TinyPrints - that I am a customer for life. Thanks!!!! You are my baby announcement heroes : )