Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Mommy Thinks I'm Gifted

You know those annoying parents who constantly say that their child is gifted and talented? Well - I've become one of those mamas : ) But lucky for everyone, I acknowledge 100% (ok, maybe 98%) that most of Paige's "gifted-and-talented-ness" is a natural growth and development cycle. But a mama can dream, right? Here are her obviously advanced (and by "obviously advanced" I really mean "semi-delusional musings of a totally obsessed mama") achievements thus far:

1. The Scootch - pronounced "sk-ooo-tch-a", by me at least. Paige loves to scootch. At about 8 weeks, she began scootching out of her sleep positioner at night, ending up at the top of her bed each morning. Then, at about 12 weeks, she figured out how to scootch down, ending up at the bottom of her crib. And now she is scootching out of every chair and off every blanket. Basically, she is scootching phenom, destined to be an Olympic athlete.

2. Pitch Perfect - Since about 7-8 weeks, I have noticed Paige loves to mimic me. Mostly it's my expressions, but occasionally she mimics sounds that I make (like gurgling or razzing). At around 9 weeks, I began to notice she would mimic songs - she is particularly fond of Lady GaGa's Bad Romance and Kesha's Tik Toc (she has good taste, what can I say!). She won't do every note, but she'll match a certain few notes in each song, right after they are sung. Once I noticed this, I began testing her vocal range to see if she could match notes that I sung. She won't do it on cue, but when she's in the mood, she's like a budding Beyonce. Then - just two weeks ago - we were watching a DVR'd recording of American Idol, and "Big Mike" took the mic. After one of his powerful high notes, Paige looked at the screen, slapped the bottle out of her mouth, and MATCHED THE NOTE PITCH PERFECT! Scout's honor! I wonder what Simon Cowell would think of that?! One of these days I will get video of this... prepare to be amazed! : )