Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How Did You Get That Scar? A Poem For Kids

When Deacon went in for his first surgery 2 years ago, Daniel and I lifted the mood by joking about how Deacon would explain his humungous scar one day  - a wavy line running across his head, from ear to ear. A run in with a great white shark? A freak mountain climbing accident?

Our children's scars are a badge of honor - the markings of a survivor. So I created this poem to honor them. Our little heroes. To answer the question they are asked so often: "How did you get that scar?"

How Did You Get That Scar?
A Poem by Erica Billups - Sweet Leigh Mama

 “How’d you get that scar?” you ask with curiosity.
You won’t believe the answer. It’s a crazy story, you see.

I’ve been through a lot of things in life – things that left their mark on me.

A run in with a raging bull. A tussle with a tiger.
A gust of wind while tight-rope walking – good thing I wasn’t any higher!

I fell into a deep dark cave when I was out spelunking.
Got tangled in a mess of vines when I was picking pumpkins.

Bonked on the head with a coconut.
Surprised by a lion in my jungle hut.

Had a throw down with a T-Rex. A sword fight with a pirate.
Slipped on a banana peel – I never even saw it!

Chased by sea gulls while riding my jet ski.
Tossed in the air by a mean old grizzly.

A motorcycle mishap. A break dancing debacle.
Blinded by a diamond with a little too much sparkle.

Stopped to smell the roses and met a swarm of bees.
Was capsized by a monster wave while sailing the seven seas.

Tackled on the 50 yard line by a massive tight end.
Working with police – there was a thief to apprehend!

A flat tire on my unicycle – how unfortunate!
Surfing in a hurricane - who knew it’d be so turbulent?

Dueling with dragons. Wrestling a gator.
I narrowly escaped a runaway elevator!

Caught up in a rock slide. Skiing though an avalanche.
Rumbled with a rattlesnake I thought was a branch.

Are any of these stories real? No, they’re make believe.
The truth is that I had a boo boo deep inside of me.

The doctors fixed me up. I was oh so brave!
And now I have this awesome scar to show off every day.